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Bikram and a BBQ

on May 21, 2016

On Friday Bikram Edinburgh held a BBQ to celebrate the end of a 15 day challenge. Usually challenges as 30 days but this one was a bit special. A young boy call Sol has cancer and as his parents go to Bikram Edinburgh there has been various fundraising done for him. 

One of his friends wanted to do a yoga challenge to raise funds so at 11 year old set himself the challenge of doing 15 days of classes. I struggle to do two days in a row of classes so it’s an impressive feat for someone so young. The last class of the challenge was on Friday and followed by a BBQ. 

The class had a great energy and was a great class. We had two periods of spontaneous applause, during camel (as he had a perfect camel and the teacher pointed it out) and then just before final savasana. It was good to be part of it and to see how happy the challengers were. 

However I think I’d not quite got my water/fluids right before class. I seemed to be struggling and ended up with a horrible headache. I was planning to stay for the BBQ but I really wasn’t great so I headed home, which wasn’t great but again I’m trying to prioritise doing what make me feel good and aids my recovery so forcing myself to stay out wouldn’t do that. 

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