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Personal Practice 

on July 14, 2016

One thing that has suffered greatly in the past month or so is my person practice. I haven’t made it to a class in the past three weeks. I also have gone from doing an hour three times a week to 10 minutes of physio stretches. I also have been doing quite a bit of sequencing in class planning but not holding things for more than 30 seconds. 

I think it’ll get better in the next few weeks. I’m getting into more of a routine and being more organised in my lesson planning. I’ve already got next week’s planned so I don’t need to do that this weekend. As a result I’m going to try to make it to a class this week and am off to a class as part of the urban triathlon on Saturday. 

2 responses to “Personal Practice 

  1. babycrow says:

    I’ve just starting my training but I’m already struggling to do my own practice in around training commitments… 10 mins stretch is better than nothing though! and as you say it’ll get easier with time and experience


  2. yogibattle says:

    Yoga is a lifelong practice. After a surgery, I did zero asanas for a month, but still maintained a meditation practice during my convalescence. Lo and behold, the asanas were there waiting for melike an old friend when I was well enough to practice again. Consider a mantra/japa/bhakti practice during your busy times. They change you just as radically as the asanas.


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