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Wearing makeup to the gym 

on July 29, 2016

So I’ll start by saying that I don’t wear make up on a regular basis. My skin doesn’t like it and I’ve never got into the habit of wearing it to work. On a night out I’ll put on some if I’m going somewhere special but otherwise moisturiser and lip balm is it. 
I’ve started going to the gym (working up to being able to run and cycle outside) and also observing people at classes and one thing that I’ve noticed is the number of women who wear make up to work out. Even first thing, so I’m assuming they’ll shower afterwards before heading to work or elsewhere. It just seems odd. Why would you bother? I know some people wear it as a mask or think that there skin is too bad to be seen without it. For me to feel that I’ve got a good work out I need to sweat. If I wore make up I’d end up with it all down my face. 
I tend not to care about how others perceive me while I’m working out. Did I only do 5 minutes on that machine before stopping and switching to something else? Who cares? I’m doing what’s right for me and as long as I’m there and working on me that’s what matters.
I suppose it’s the same as wearing leggings. I’m comfortable wearing leggings and a t-shirt on the way home from the gym or class but then again I only have ‘nice’ leggings that I know fit and that you can’t see my pants through. 
Isn’t body confidence an odd thing? 

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