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Being a ‘good’ yogi 

on August 1, 2016

Since I started teaching yoga I think some people have expected me to change. That all of a sudden I’m going to become this super yogi and holier than though. You know the type I mean, only eats raw vegan organic food and nothing with additives, caffeine or sugar. 
That’s not me. I tend to eat mainly vegetarian but have meat a few times a week. I’m currently trying to predominantly eat fresh products and as little processed as possible but that’s mainly as I’m still slightly injured so still not back to my normal full exercise routine and I’m trying not to gain weight. 
If someone said I couldn’t have caffeine then it’d kill me. Tea is pretty much what keeps me going most days. I’ve pretty much given up Diet Coke as part of my trying to have less processed things but it’s not really linked to me starting to teach yoga. I’m drinking more herbal tea and to an extent that’s because I’m teaching yoga or at least because I’m in the studio two evenings a week. I’m not there enough to use a full pint of milk so rather than waste it only having two or three cups before it goes off, I’m having herbal tea. I’ve found a great one from Lidl that is a peppermint tea with honey. Yep see me super yogi with my bargain supermarket tea. 
I’m taking quite a few supplements to try to help my joints and even drinking super green juice every second day. These both are to try to help my recovery, reduce my pain levels and to try to stop me being on quite as many painkillers. Which yogi or not I think most people would agree is a good aim.  
My food and lifestyle choices have got nothing to do with others. If you choose to eat other things that I don’t then that’s your business. As long as your not planning to force me to eat it why would I care? 
Part of my teacher training was about being authentic to you and not trying to be anyone else. Why would you? It’s not sustainable and you’ll fall down at some point. 
So basically I’m going to continue to be me, teaching yoga or otherwise and in my case that includes having a yoga studio that has a bowl of sweets next to the door that get refilled on a regular basis so I guess my people really are coming to classes. 
And before you ask, yes they are vegan. 

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