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What if no one comes?

on August 10, 2016

Teaching yoga is easy and enjoyable. I really love sharing my knowledge with people and to plan classes based on what people need or finding options to suit different body types and levels of flexibility. However what I worry about is what if no one comes to class? 

It’s only happened once so far and that was fine as I knew the day before that I only had one person booked in so I asked them to move to the earlier class that had a space  in. So effectively I cancelled that class rather than just no one showing up. I know it’s going to happen at some point but I’m worried what it’ll do to my confidence. 

Isn’t it strange how 20 good things can be cancelled by one not so good one? 

One response to “What if no one comes?

  1. it can take months to build up a following. one of the best ways is to teach at gyms because of sheer volume. at some gyms you will likely have 60 people in a class because they’re paying $9 a month for access. yes, 60 people is way too many! but it gives you practice and confidence. for studio classes, just make sure you’re there on time every time your name is on the schedule. eventually those students who resist teachers whose names are unfamiliar will cave in and try your class! and then they’ll talk to all the other students.


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