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My yoga journey

Meridians and Chakras

on September 18, 2016

So I feel that I should start with a disclaimer, I am not discounting things I’m just naturally cynical towards anything I can’t scientifically understand myself.

In this block of YTT we covered meridian lines. For those that don’t know these are Chinese medical lines of energy that get ‘blocked’ and cause problems around the body. I’m quite sceptical about them. I get that pressure points can feel nice when pressed and I enjoy acupressure massage. However I’m not into pressing on a point in my arm to make my lungs/breathing feel better. It’s a useful sequencing tool to work along the pairs of lines as they go inside and outside the body.

Strangely the chakra system that we covered I have less issues with. I see the chakras as areas of energy to focus on. I find it useful in guided meditation and to encourage centring the body. However again I’m not 100% sold on it yet.


I think another reason that I know that it wouldn’t work with my current students is that some of them are very much at yoga for stretching and relaxing. None of the spiritual side, that a pose will ground you or anything else. Nope that’s not part of their practice. And that’s fine. I just need to work on ways of getting the bits of it that I do agree with into classes without alienating them.

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