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My yoga journey

2016 Aims Autumn Update 

on September 23, 2016

It’s been a few months since I last updated on these. Here’s how I’m doing against my aims 9 months in.

Do two yoga classes/practices each week.

This I’m currently struggling with, I’m teaching two sometimes three nights a week, work is super busy and I’m still injured. I’m doing at least one practice per week and am hoping to increase this again in October.

Enroll in Yoga Foundation 

This has changed over the past nine months and now isn’t a aim. I’m focusing on my yin course and then I’ll see where I want to focus next.

Be able to hold a handstand free of the wall for 30 seconds consistently.

I’m still working on this, as I’m limited in the amount of impact excersise I can do it’s challenging but I’m still doing conditioning each Monday. I get to the studio at  about 6 and my class isn’t till 7 so I do 40 minutes of conditioning and personal yoga practice.

Don’t buy any new clothes until May (underwear excluded

I’m still trying not to buy many new clothes for the rest of this year. Was my update in May. I’ve been quite bad recently and bought a few new things. I think my aim is not to buy any more  clothes until December.

Finish decorating two rooms in my new home

This has been achieved. My bedroom is done as is the livingroom. The toilet is still waiting to be painted 3 months after the plastering happened. I might just accept that I’m not going to do it and get someone in so that it’s done.

Find somewhere to teach aerial yoga and teach at least five workshops 

It’s strange how things change. One of the potential teaching spaces closed down and I’m hoping to at least get my hammock rigged in my studio so I have somewhere to practice. I don’t think I’m going to achieve this this year.

Travel to three new cities

I’m going to two new cities in October and December. I’ve also got a potential work trip that will take me to a third so I might just manage this.

Start planning a trip to India for 2017.

Instead of India I’m going to Thailand for Easter instead and my flights were booked last week. Maybe India will be 2018 but I’m not sure.

Aims added in May 
Finish 150 hours of my yoga teacher training. 

100 done and the next block is arranged for November. The final block is then going to be in February. It’s been great and I’m looking forward to learning more.

Lead 20 hours of classes with friends and family.

Yep so I’ve achieved this. Plus friend adjacents and even strangers. I’m really enjoying teaching and sharing my knowledge.

One more to add for the last three months of the year. 

Make the studio cost neutral 

Currently without others using the space it’s costing me each month as my classes don’t quite cover it. Ideally I’d like it to cover the costs by the end of the year or I’ll have to look at it seriously if I can continue to hire the space.

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