Sleeping in Savasana

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Silent class

on November 17, 2016

Last week I taught a class that was a bit different from normal, it was entirely silent. I had read about this being done but I hadn’t taken part in one. 

It was different from my usual classes. Those who came along had been coming to classes for a while so knew the poses without verbal guidance. I explained at the beginning of class that a bell timer would go every six minutes to let them know to come out of the poses. 

It worked really well and the feedback was that it was really relaxing. One person said they almost fell asleep in some of the poses. 

In terms of teaching it was a challenge. I’m so used to giving verbal guidance and corrections that it was difficult to not to remind people to relax their shoulders or to try their legs the other way to see if it was more comfortable and they got a different stretch. 

I am going to try it again early next year as a couple of people were interested in coming along but couldn’t make that class. I’d suggest that other teachers try it at least once.  

3 responses to “Silent class

  1. babycrow says:

    oh really interesting — but i don’t quite get it: how did they know which pose to take next? did you move about offering hands on guidance or what? It sounds a wonderful experience but quite challenging to hold that silent space for people to sink into


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