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My yoga journey

Yoga with Feldenkrais Workshop

on November 21, 2016

November really has been the month of lots of learning and discovering new things. I took part in a Yoga Scotland organised workshop on yoga with Feldenkrais with Daniel Gelblum. I only found out about the workshop the week before so I couldn’t attend both days but the Saturday alone was well worth it.

Daniel has a huge amount of experience both in yoga and feldenkrais movements. If you’ve not heard of feldenkrais then you can learn a bit more about how the movements work here. I’ve only ever done one feldenkrais class before and that was a bit odd as it was a Lululemon class and I don’t think the teacher was expecting it to be in the store and so casual.

Daniel lead three classes over the day, each with a different focus. The first was the neck, the second was twists and the third hamstrings. All were great and I really enjoyed how slowly and gently he got us into and out of poses. He had two teaching phrases that he used often, ‘rest deeply when you need to’ and also ‘only do what feels natural and good’. Both excellent pieces of advice to bring to yoga.

The movements were all focused on using body movements and body weight to get into poses rather than muscular effort. It seems to fit in very well with yin yoga philosophies and style of movements. All the classes were recorded so we should be being sent them and it’ll be good to have another type of practice to follow and I’m hoping that doing the poses and movements on a regular basis will help ease off my stiff muscles.

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