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Meal Prepping 

on November 27, 2016

I’ve been told a few times by friends that they don’t have time to make things in advance. I don’t have time not to. 

The only real investment is buying all of the Tupperware which I have quite a bit of. 

This weekend I made quite a bit with not that much effort. On Saturday I went grocery shopping that took less than an hour. I ‘cheated’ and bought pre-cut stew vegetables. When I got home I got the slow cooker out and the vegetables, some sausages, chopped tomatoes and stock were added, a quick stir and ignored for 5 hours. Then four portions went in the freezer and one for lunch on Monday. Total time and effort for 5 meals, less than 30 minutes. 

Then on Sunday evening my meal prep proper. I made; 

– crustless quiche, tomatoes, hummus and carrot for two lunches

– tomatoes, hummus, carrot and olives for pre-yoga dinner tomorrow to be eaten with miso soup. 

– two lots of overnight oats with orange juice and frozen raspberries (these took 3 minutes, how does anyone not have time to make breakfast?) 

– fruit cut up and portioned for two snacks. 

– nuts into portions to go to work for snacks. 

Total time for the above 32 minutes from start to finish with a chopping board, one knife, two teaspoons and a 1/4 cup measuring cup to wash up. 

So in total less than 2 hours including shopping for 8 meals, 2 breakfasts and five snacks. Plus I have all the ingredients to make two portions of meatballs in tomatoe sauce with sweet potato ‘noodles’, and cucumber, feta and beetroot salad on Thursday night.

I cheat and quite often buy pre-made ingredients (especially quiche) or pre-chopped vegetables to make things easy. It means that I get things done and that I stick to it and don’t end up buying a packaged pasta salad at lunchtime which contains more additives etc. 

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