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My yoga journey

The Air Out There 

on December 20, 2016

Last week I attended a lovely class organised by Lululemon and Helen from Yoga Folk to fundraise for Edinburgh Community Yoga. I’ve written about the work that ECY do before here. I donate a monthly ‘cup of coffee’ to them. It’s a small amount but if 50 people did it each month it’d make a huge difference and help those who really need it. If you’d like to make a small (or large) donation then you can do so via their website.


The event started by meeting at Hunter Square and getting given candles to hold during our walk down to the venue. It was a really nice way to connect people and to share light. Quite a few went out on the walk down so we shared the flames at every traffic lights/junction stop so that people still had a lit candle.

When we arrived at the Roxy, where the main class was being held, the space was quite darkly light so the candles added a nice glow to the space. The class was a vinyasa flow class and started with a guided meditation. The meditation was in the theme of The Air Out There, which is Lululemon’s seasonal theme. It was a really nice connecting meditation about sharing breath and air with others. I personally would have liked another short meditation after the vinyasa practice to connect the beginning and end but it was still lovely.

The vinyasa class was was relatively relaxed and slow but still flowing enough that it felt like effort. It was quite a mixed class with some people doing full crow balances and others dropping down into child’s pose on a regular basis.


My hip wasn’t 100% happy with lots of vinyasas and warrior variations but it held up and wasn’t too bad afterwards. I really enjoyed being back in a large class as it’s something I’ve avoided for a couple of months. I think it’s mainly been due to fear of judgement about skipping poses and overdoing things as a result. I need to work on managing my ego in class and my expectations of classes. I will be back to a more regular vinyasa practice in January.


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