Sleeping in Savasana

My yoga journey

Cosmic Kids Yoga

on December 28, 2016

While being away I’ve been doing yoga and I’m lucky enough that I have use of the play room with padded floors to practice in. 

However this does mean that some mornings I’ve been joined by the two small people who live here. I had to explain to the older one that yoga isn’t a content and she can’t award stickers to the person who does it the best. 

One morning I was joined by the kids with the aim of doing Cosmic Yoga. It’s a kids yoga channel on YouTube that uses storytelling and movement to introduce yoga poses. It was quite a nice way of doing it. 

The video that we did was a Frozen themed one that lasted 30 minutes which was a little too long for the attention span of the little ones but most are about 20 minutes long which would have been about right. It wasn’t the most creative sequencing and lots of getting from standing poses to seated poses but it was a good stretch and work out. 

We’ll try another video before I leave and they are hopefully going to keep up doing them on a regular basis once I’ve left. 

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