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2016 Aims – Year End Update

on December 29, 2016

Wow 2016. What a year it’s been. When I set my goals back in January I couldn’t imagine that I’d be here. I’ve achieved a lot this year and also not done some things that I thought would be easy.

Do two yoga classes/practices each week.

I’ve not really achieved this and it’s mainly been due to injury, teaching too much and generally being super busy.

Enroll in Yoga Foundation 

This one came out earlier this year and was replaced with doing my yin yoga teacher training.

Be able to hold a handstand free of the wall for 30 seconds consistently.

I’m not able to do this yet and my hip has meant that I’m not able to do acrobatics as usual or to do much impact stuff. It’s going back on the list for next year with an aim of achieving it.

Don’t buy any new clothes until May (underwear excluded).

I mainly achieved this but did buy a few things.

Finish decorating two rooms in my new home.

Bedroom and Livingroom done and the bathroom is 50% done. I’m aiming for January to get this finished.

Find somewhere to teach aerial yoga and teach at least five workshops 

Nope, this didn’t happen and finding a teaching space for this is more difficult at the moment.

Travel to three new cities

I’ve been to Porto and Vienna this year for lovely weekends away. I’m also going to be in Istanbul tomorrow but if I’ll make it into the city and out of the airport hotel is a bit unknown at the moment.

Start planning a trip to India for 2017.

My 2017 long haul holiday is going to be to Thailand so this might need to be a 2018 plan.

Aims added in May 
Finish 150 hours of my yoga teacher training. 

150 hours has been done. It’s been interesting to learn more and I’m doing lots of reading around various topics at the moment. I’ve got quite a few books downloaded to my kindle to read while I’m traveling and away.

Lead 20 hours of classes with friends and family.

I think I’ve now done this twice over. I’m really happy with how classes are going but could do with another couple of people coming along regularly to help with…

Make the studio cost neutral 

It’s getting there with this. I’ve got four more people starting renting space in January so hopefully this will start off setting the costs. Also I’m running one of my classes as a beginners course and with a special offer, it’s now sold out. Plus I’ve a few extra people interested in classes so hopefully they’ll start coming along in the new year.


Overall not a bad year. Very different to how I thought it would go but that’s always the case. I’m going to think about my 2017 aims over the next week or so and then will post them.

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