Sleeping in Savasana

My yoga journey

Learning while travelling 

on January 3, 2017

I quite enjoy traveling and exploring new places as you might have seen from Instagram over the last few months. One of the aspects of travel that I enjoy is having the time to read and learn while flying. 

This trip I look time before travelling to download a few podcasts and I’ve been listening to lots of different things and opinions while doing mantra colouring. It’s quite relaxing and been interesting to hear different points of views and aspects of yoga and teaching yoga. 

One theme that seems to be present in quite a few pod casts is how hard work it is to manage a studio. I guess I’ve been quite lucky in that my studio isn’t a huge commitment above teaching as I just hire the space to others rather than trying to coordinate classes, teachers, sign ups and payroll. I also have the advantage of having quite a bit of experience in running small businesses and facilities management so in comparison the studio is quite simple. 

I’ve also been learning more about the Chinese medicine side of yoga and chi. It’s been interesting and something that I’m going to look into further when I’m home.

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