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What to wear under yoga pants 

on March 9, 2017

I’ve started listening to Bret Larkin’s yoga hacks podcasts and the other day I fell down a YouTube hole watching her videos.

After finding a lovely morning routine that I’m going to try another morning, I found her video on what to wear under yoga pants. Now it’s not really something that I think about that much. I try not to wear big underwear but I generally wear any  small/invisible underwear that happen to be in the drawer.

Her recommendation was to either wear a thong or no underwear. I’m not a fan of thongs in general and I’m not sure I’m ready to teach yoga without underwear. It made me wander about what other people wear. I know that quite a few people wear big pants (yes you can see panty lines) and honestly if I’m adjusting people I’d rather know they were wearing more than just yoga leggings.

Also with the whole not wearing underwear thing, I’d need to wash them after every practice and I go enough laundry as it is. I might try the whole no underwear practice at home to see how it feels. I’m not that fussed about a minor panty line in most classes and my main gripe is ensuing that my yoga pants are not see through so no one can see my underwear.

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