Sleeping in Savasana

My yoga journey

YTT module 4

on March 13, 2017

So I keep on putting off writing something fully about this and it’s been two weeks and I’m only just starting so here goes.

The last block of YTT was four days and we had some stuff left over from module 3 to cover. This took a day and a half as there was lots of discussions around poses.

As ever the food was amazing. I really don’t know how Yoga Beet makes such yummy things and some of the combinations seem odd but really work.


I’m still not that confident in teaching the more dynamic poses but I’m slowly trying them in my yin-yang classes a couple at a time. I’m getting there with them and finding out what works for my classes and what doesn’t. I’m remembering back to the first few classes that I taught and there were some that just didn’t work at all and I had to re-plan things during class. It somehow worked out and I think it’s just getting used to doing the same with more dynamic classes.

I ended up spending Sunday night typing up spreadsheets of my teaching and observing hours as I’d done them all but needed to submit them. Annoyingly this hadn’t been clarified before the start of the course or I’d have done it but it didn’t take too long to get done. It meant that I got to keep my certificate rather than getting it, taking photos and then having to give it back until I’d done the last little bit.



So yet that’s me a RYT 200 and started on the next part of my learning journey this weekend but that’s for another post…

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