Sleeping in Savasana

My yoga journey

Back at Bikram 

on March 20, 2017

As part of my plan of doing more yoga outside of teaching classes I’ve started back doing Bikram. I still don’t agree with the man himself and think he’s super creepy and weird but I love hot yoga and I love that it’s a fixed sequence. I guess it’s the same attraction as Ashtanga but I don’t seem to get injured with it and it’s more open and friendly than most ashtanga studios.

The timetable has changed a bit and one of the things that they’ve introduced is monthly Asana labs. It’s a 75 minute session looking at two or three poses in detail. I went along to the one at the start of March and it was really good.

It was quite informal with a lot of talking from Emma the studio owner. She’s super passionate about the benefits of Bikram and one thing that I got out of it is to keep coming along and get back on the mat. Even if injured and you only do 1% of the class that’s fine and better than doing zero.

We looked at locking the knee, not in any particular pose but in general. It was really interesting and good to be able to spend time looking in the mirror and focusing on just one part. I’m generally ok at doing it standing but as soon as I go into balances I tend to loose it and my hips go way out of alignment. I’ve got a clearer idea of what to focus on and how I can improve it.

The second pose we looked at was dancers pose. It’s a beautiful pose and one that the ego part of me loves to do. The focus of that pose was the shoulder opening. It’s not really something that I’ve thought about before but it was great to notice a difference and take time to work on it.

The class afterwards was great for putting the work into practice and I certainly noticed a difference in the poses where I focuses on just locking the knee and keeping it engaged. I didn’t get as far into the pose but if it means long term I’m doing the pose better then it’ll make a difference.

I’ve been back again since and I managed to do the entire class with only skipping a few poses and I hadn’t taken any painkillers since 8.30am that morning and didn’t need to take any afterwards. I guess it’s starting to work and I’m slowly getting used to the current depth that I can go to in poses without causing my hip pain.

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