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Om Yoga Show 

on March 27, 2017

I didn’t think I was going to make it to Om yoga this year but as my laughter yoga course was moved I was free that weekend.

On Sunday we headed through relatively early on what was a gorgeous sunny day. It almost seemed a shame to spend it indoors.

It was quieter than last year but we went on Saturday so it might be the difference. We went to two different classes. Mysofasical release, which was a too big class for the two teachers to be able to get round to show the techniques properly and it didn’t really explain when you’d use them. I think in a smaller group with more time it would have been interesting but it didn’t really work with 40 people.

The second class was a foot focused class and it was great. It gave some quick techniques for improving foot strength and things to work on. Mark who taught the class does a three hour workshop on it that I’m going to try to make it for the next one.

As with last year the food options at the show were great. From Yogi Tea to vegan candy to chocolate to protein shakes. Lots of different things to try and my Om Yoga Magazine subscription came with a whole goody bag of things to try. I’ll cover them in another post.

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