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2017 Aims – Q1 Update

on April 3, 2017

So here we are at the start of April and I’m three months into my 2017 aims. I’m going to try to do a quarterly update on these as it’s a good way of keeping track of where I am and what’s changed and how I’m going to work towards things going forward.

  • Do at least one yoga class per week.

I’m not quite there with this one. I’m doing more home practice and trying to make it to classes more often but it’s not quite once a week at the moment. I’m hoping that when I get back I’m able to make it a priory and that work won’t be quite so busy so I can get out on time and to class more often.

  • Finish my 200 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training.

Done. I achieved this at the end of February and I really happy to have done this. It’s just over a year ago that I decided to take the plunge and sign up for it so it’s been a huge leap and lots of change it a little time.

  • Look into and book Yang Yoga Teacher Training – probably not starting until 2018 but at least sourcing a course that I want to do.

I’ve had a look at a few options for this. I’ve found a 50 hour training that starts in September that I might do but I’m still scoping this out and deciding where I want to go with my teaching.

  • Make the studio cost neutral.

Yep, this has happened for this quarter. I’m working hard to make sure that it stays that way but it’s even started to repay me some of the money that I’ve put into the studio over last year. If it keeps going at the current rate then it should have repaid most of this by  the summer and just about break even less set up costs for year 1.

  • Teach 3 workshops.

I’m still working on planning for this. I’m confident in teaching hour classes and have started expanding these to longer 90 minute classes but I think of workshops as being at least two hours long. I’m hoping that within the next quarter I’ll try one but I’m certainly growing towards this.

  • Find out cause of Hip pain and path to solve it.

I need to write a fuller update on my hip but I have a diagnosis and seem to have found a combination of drugs and supplements that are minimising the pain and allowing me to slowly re-try activity.

  • Travel to two new cities.

I’ve not booked anything for this yet but I’m still to plan my trip for September/October and at the moment that’s looking like it might be going to South East Asia if I can get cheap-ish flights.

  • New kitchen fitted.

My brother is coming next week to start taking down my current kitchen and to strip the walls. The next stage is to get the electrics moved and it plastered before the kitchen arrives mid-May.

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