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My yoga journey

Yoga 101 Studio Bangkok

on April 12, 2017

I’m still in Bangkok and I’ve been exploring the city and doing tourist things but I still wanted to keep up with some yoga. I took it as an opportunity to try classes that I wouldn’t normally do. Due to Thai new year quite a few studios were running a reduced schedule or just closing for most of the week. 

I found Yoga 101 by accident. It was on the fourth floor of a shopping mall that also had a big soft play and snow park (obviously) in it. We were visiting to let the two smaller people in our group have an indoor run around and play. 

The studio has a good timetable and most of the teachers speak English so I was fine to drop into any class. I wasn’t planning on taking a class that day but as I had bought new legging (very cute green print) and had a top that I could do yoga in then I decided to come back later on. 

I came to a power yoga class. It’s really not my normal type of class but I was wanting a challenge and stretch. It turned out that 4.30pm on Tuesday is not a popular time for yoga. I was the only one in class. 

It was a nice class and I think the instructor went slower than he’d normally go as I was sweating lots and struggling with some poses. I got lots of hands on adjustments and boy did I need to stretch out. 

It was a challenge but not too bad. I didn’t feel like i needed to stop at any point as I couldn’t do the poses. I was however a sweaty mess at the end of class. 

The studio has excellent facilities. Good big changing rooms, showers, provides towels, lockers (bring your own lock or hire from reception), it provides mats and blocks and has a bar that I think might sell drinks but I knew I wanted to get mango juice from the street stall at the station. 

Another advantage of this studio over others I looked at is that it’s in a mall that connects to the sky train station. It’s so warm and humid here  that anywhere more than 2 minutes away requires a taxi or tuktuk during the warmer parts of the day. Combined with most drivers needing the address written in Thai and ideally a map drawn. Being able to just get on the sky train from near my hotel and get off three stations later and be at the studio is much simpler and although there are closer options, I’m going to go to this studio again. 

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