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Challenges Teaching 

on May 1, 2017

So here goes, this is one of these posts that I’m not sure if I want to post or if it’ll just be written and then not go online.

I’ve found more joy in teaching again and feel that I’m past my challenge but I’m worried that it’ll come back again. There was a while last year that I really didn’t want to teach quite often. My class sizes were super small and one week I only taught three people, across three different classes, one of which no one showed up to. It was a challenge to keep motivated.

This year I’ve got big classes of people who seem to really love my classes and style of yoga. It’s great seeing them grow and get more flexible and confident. But I still worry about getting back in that rut.

I’m now expanding my teaching and planning on doing a lot more one off classes over the summer. I’ve already started one of these and the second is still being finalised. I’m also doing a lot more learning and development. I’m trying to keep my interest in new things and building on what I know.

It’d be interesting to know how other teachers deal with periods of lack of motivation for teaching.

One response to “Challenges Teaching 

  1. Libby says:

    Love your blog.I think our blogs share some similarities in and struggles. I understand completely. I need to do my first teaching now for my training and it is scary. But at the end your yoga training is about your own personal development first. So even if you don’t feel like teaching you still have probably grown a lot in your yoga which is something to smile about. Keep up the good work.


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