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Hip Update and Progress

on May 11, 2017

It’s been a while since I posted anything about my hip. I’ve got a diagnosis but it’s not that helpful. I have early stage osteoarthritis in my right hip. Essentially my hip is starting to wear out. There isn’t a lot that I can do to stop this other than minimising the impact exercise that I do and taking anti-inflammatory tablets to help reduce the swelling around the joint.

After a good discussion with my physio who is awesome and I love working with. I’ve got a new work out plan so that I can re-introduce some cardio into my regular routine.

So my plan for the next month is as follows,

Swim 300m twice a week

Walk for 5 minutes on a treadmill on as high an incline as comfortable then elliptical trainer for 5 minutes twice a week.

As a result I’m now aiming to go to the gym four days a week (as the swimming and treadmill etc should be on different days) and have taken out gym membership. One of the benefits that I get from my office is discounted gym membership. I’d never really looked into this as my main methods of working out were yoga and running outdoors. However I’ve now signed up for Nuffield Gym as there are branches both close to my house and office and it’s cheaper than the council gym with my employee discount.

It’s a nice space and the membership includes classes of which there are a few yoga ones which I’ve yet to explore. Provided I go more than twice a week it’s still good value and I’ve worked out that if I leave my house at 7am then I have time to go for a swim, shower and still make it into work for 8.30am.

It’s going to be a challenge making time for everything but it’s for my long term health, being in less pain and getting back to my health. Plus the swimming will help with being able to go in the sea more when I’m on holiday in September.

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