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on May 15, 2017

I’ve been trying to reduce the amount of tv that I watch and listen to more podcasts. This has the added benefit that I can listen while cooking, eating, doing laundry or generally getting things organised. 

I’ve a couple of podcasts that I really enjoy. There are quite a range of different podcasts. Some are more yoga practice focused, some yoga business focused and others anatomy/research based. 

M.B.Om which is quite business focused. It’s great in terms of making me think about how I want to grow my business and classes. Also I makes me think about what I want to be doing on a regular basis in three years time. Both link and I’m working towards a plan. 

Yoga and Beyond is a great podcast with a medical research basis. It takes a piece of research and discusses how it can be put into effect in yoga. I love reading more yoga research and learning how to put it into my teaching. There have been a couple of episodes on conditions that students have had. It’s been really good to learn more about them and how yoga may be able to help them. 

J. Brown Yoga Talks have some awesome guests that are really interesting. The only bad thing is that they’re quite long episodes, generally 90 minutes or longer. It’s longer than my walk to work, the studio, time I spent on household tasks and generally have in one block. It’s difficult to pick up again half way through. 

It wouldn’t be a list of yoga podcasts if I didn’t mention From the heart, Rachel Brathen’s new podcast. There’s only been a few episodes and they’ve mainly been autobiographical. It’s been ok but I’m not sure where it’s going to go. 

Any other must listen to podcasts? 

One response to “Yoga Podcasts

  1. babycrow says:

    I’m a big J Brown fan too! In the superficial social media world we live in, I really love that his conversations are so long and leisurely. It feels like the opposite of what podcasts can often be.
    I occasionally listen to YogaLand also – maybe check that one out.


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