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Weight loss Focus 

on May 17, 2017

I put this on Instagram a few days ago so I’m following it up with a post. Over the past 15 months that my hip has stopped me being as active as usual I’ve gained quite a bit of weight. Like 22lb or more, I was down at 113lb which is a bit lower than I should be.

I know 135lb doesn’t sound that much but given that I’m quite short it’s a BMI of 24.5 so 5lb away from being officially overweight. Plus my clothes are starting to not fit so well as a result. I have a lot of yoga leggings that were expensive so I can’t justify replacing them all in a bigger size.

My aim is to get back to 120lb or less by 1st September. I’m going on holiday in mid-September so I want to be back to what I consider a healthy weight and level of fitness by then.

Diet is going to be a big part of this and it’s a bit of a challenge currently as I’m getting my kitchen re-fitted currently so I’ve got a kettle, a microwave that’s also a grill and a fridge. It’s only for another two weeks or so but it’s still hard to make a start when you’ve got things in the way. I’m using FatSecret to track my calories and aiming for 1600 or less per day. If I plan and prepare meals then it’s not too difficult. My main challenge is not to snack or to drink my calories. I picked up a ice coffee on the way to work today and then looked at the side, 225 calories or 14% of my daily allowance in one drink. Yep preparation is going to be key in this.

On the other side of this I’ve joined a gym. This is mainly so that I can go swimming. It’s really dull but it isn’t causing me pain and seems to fit in with my morning routine to go twice a week and then once over the weekend too. I’m going to try some classes in a few weeks but I’m not sure how it’ll be in terms of pain levels.

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