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Classes you don’t like 

on May 24, 2017

So this is posted quite a while after I did the class on purpose. 

I did a class that was billed as a mix of interval training and yoga. A bit different but interesting enough to try. 

I really enjoy the interval training and if I can find a half hour interval class then I’ll certainly go to one again and see if my hip holds up for it. It was a challenge but it was short enough bits that I could manage and wasn’t in too much pain. 

However the yoga I really didn’t enjoy. The teacher didn’t seem that confident in yoga poses. She gave lots of hands on adjusting but hadn’t asked for permission or about injuries before she did them. It made me a bit uncomfortable as I know how to modify most poses to not hurt my hip and she was trying to get me into a more classical alignment that doesn’t necessarily work for me. There was a lady in the class that it was her second time there and second time doing yoga ever. As such I don’t think the alignment cues were enough for someone that didn’t know what warrior two should look like. 

We ended the class by having 5 minutes to play in crow pose. I can just about do it but it’s a challenge and not one that I was that fussed about. It’s not one of my poses that I’m focusing on right now. We then just finished the class, no savasana, no relaxation, just thanks for coming, see you next week. It didn’t quite fit right with me and what I was expecting. 

She was great in the intervals and I’d go back to her classes for that but not to yoga. 

How have you dealt with classes that you’ve not enjoyed? 

One response to “Classes you don’t like 

  1. yogibanker says:

    Just accept the class, the teacher and move on. Everyone has their own styles, won’t work for everyone. 🙏


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