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My yoga journey

Bad Yoga Teacher

on May 29, 2017

I am a bad yoga teacher and what I teach shouldn’t be called yoga it should be called stretching or something else.

I may have go involved with the comments section of a post in a Facebook group that I’m part of. I teach a class that is an hour of yoga followed by a tutored gin tasting. Yep alcohol mixed with yoga. I know I am a bad teacher.

It has gone down really well with those who come along to classes and has been a really great chilled way to get to know people better and build a community.

It got me quite annoyed being told that what I teach isn’t yoga. I love my classes and those that come along have really benefited from them. I may not teach much yoga philosophy as part of my classes and we don’t chant as it’s not part of my personal practice on a regular basis. I don’t do spirituality in classes as I think that’s up to people to find it and if yoga works for them then great, if not then something else may be equality great.

So yes I’m going to keep teaching yoga classes the way that I do and keep calling them yoga. My people will find me and most of my classes have less than 3 spaces in them so I recon people seem to enjoy what I teach.

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