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Weigh loss/Fitness Update

on June 8, 2017

Here I am three and a half weeks after I started my focus on health and weight loss. It’s been a challenge to keep on track but I’m still going. 

I’ve lost 4.2lb so with my aim of a pound a week I’m slightly ahead. I know the first ones will be easier than the last so better to be ahead now. 

I’ve been swimming at about three times a week and am beginning to enjoy it more. It’s a bit of a challenge to have everything sorted and ready to take with me but it’s beginning to be more of a routine and I’ve now got places that everything goes in my bag and it makes it a bit less of an effort.

In terms of diet it’s been hard keeping tack of everything that I eat. Be it good or bad it goes in my food log. I’ve generally been sticking to about 1600 calories or less each day but there have been occasional going overs. I’m trying not to beat myself up about it and work on the 80/20 rule. Keep to it 80% (or more) of the time and not stress about the 20%.

I’ve only had one day were I completely blew the number of calories and that was as I went to a gin festival and drank all of the gin and then ate all of the bad food. What I remembered to track was 240% of my target calories. I’m pretty sure I drank my daily target alone. Still I got back on track and didn’t let it stop me. 


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