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Growing Social Media -Promoted Posts

on August 8, 2017

Following on from my early post, the first way I’ve been growing my social media has been promoted posts.

I’ve primarily been doing this on Facebook as I’ve used other means for increasing my Instagram followers.

This is really easy to do, link your Facebook account to PayPal or another method of payment and then on the post click ‘boost post’. You then decide the audience, value that you’re happy to spend (£1 per day minimum) and how long it’s going to run for. I’ve done a bit of experimentation to find the best targeting for my adverts but it seems to now be working.


  • Very easy to set up.
  • Can be paused at any time if it’s not working on if you’ve filled the class that you’re promoting.
  • Increased general awareness of brand/yoga classes.
  • Great information on who saw and responded to the advert which helps you target better next time.


  • Can be expensive per result
  • Targeting can take a few tweaks to get correct.
  • Lots of ‘interested’ people in events but can be hard to convert to bookings.

In general I’ve found promoting events on Facebook successfully but not really had much luck with single posts.

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