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Growing Social Media – Follow UnFollow

on August 11, 2017

Part two of my social media growth plan was to increase my Instagram following. The way I did this was two fold and one I’m going to continue while the other I’m not. First we’ll cover the way I’m not going to continue going forward.

Follow then unfollow people.

If someone follows you on Instagram then if you’ve a small following you’ll generally look at there profile and if it interests you follow them back. The idea with this is that you then unfollow people a few days later so they don’t notice and your following to follower ratio improves.

There are various companies that either sell you software to do this automatically or will do so manually for you. Bots and allowing others access to your Instagram are against the terms and conditions so there is a chance that your account can be closed and you loose all the followers you’ve built up.


  • Bots and marking companies to do this are relatively inexpensive for the results they promise.
  • It works. This is why people do it.


  • It basically ruins your Instagram feed. You follow 200 people normally and they’re the ones that you want to see posts from. Then you follow 300 extra, so you miss the posts from the 200 that you care about.
  • Using bots is against Instagram terms and conditions so risky.
  • It’s annoying for those you follow and unfollow.
  • Instagram can put a freeze on your account if it’s being accessed from two locations at the same time.
  • Followers may not be genuine.

It works and that’s annoying but I get why people do this. I’ve done it for a month and it’s basically ruined my enjoyment of Instagram for that month. It’s not been easy to keep track of people that I actually want to follow and engage with.

It’s grown my following hugely and it’s been a great boost. I think I’d do it again but maybe on a month that I wasn’t wanting to use social media much.

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