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My yoga journey

Outdoor Yoga

on August 25, 2017

A few weeks ago was a rare beautiful Scottish Summer day. It was warm, clear and I was teaching a yoga class. It was forecast to be 21 degrees at 8pm so I took the decision to move the class outside.

It was a bit odd in that I am used to teaching with props and extra props within easy reach. I couldn’t physically carry all the bolsters, blocks, blankets, straps and mats that I’d like the 10 minute walk to the park. Instead I had to decide to just bring straps, mats and blankets.

It worked out wonderfully. It was warm enough in the sun to be comfortable with a lovely gentle breeze. I’d picked a spot not too far from the road/path so it was easy to get to but it was next to some trees so quite and didn’t have anyone go past.

I’d love to do outdoor classes more often but the weather doesn’t always agree with me.

One response to “Outdoor Yoga

  1. jessofearth says:

    I love outdoor yoga. It sounds like you had some lovely weather as well!

    Great post~


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