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Growing Social Media – Social Media Bolster

on August 31, 2017

The final way that I have been working on growing my social media has been being part of a Social Media Bolster.

This is where you find a group of users who have similar accounts to you and you all comment or like or follow each others. I found a group on Facebook that I’m part of and it’s worked quite well. There are daily challenges both on Instagram and Facebook but I’ve mainly focused on Instagram.

The idea is that if 10 people take part then you comment on 9 posts and then get 9 comments back on your post. It works at boosting your engagements and also I’ve found that once you have a couple of comments then other people comment too.

It’s worked really well and also quite a few of the people who are part of the group now tend to comment and like posts even if it’s not part of the challenge and I do the same. It’s a great way to feel more engaged with people on Instagram and also to have a group of others to discuss options for increasing engagement with.

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