Sleeping in Savasana

My yoga journey

Toronto Island SUP Yoga Retreat 

on October 18, 2017

In September I travelled to Toronto to visit a friend from university and I discovered that there was a SUP yoga retreat happening the weekend I was due to arrive. She had to work for part of the time so it fitted perfectly.

I arrived on Toronto Island not really sure where I was going or what I was headed to. It turned out to be a small event with about a dozen of us going plus a Labrador because every retreat requires a dog.
We started by putting our bags into a boat and paddling on a min-tour around the islands to our camp site. It was on a separate island with a bridge to the mainland.

It was super chilled and relaxed and there was a timetable but it wasn’t followed exactly. We went for a sunset paddle and did Paddleboard Yoga. I loved it and found it a super relaxing way of focusing on each move and not comparing yourself to others.

We then came back to a beautiful view across Toronto and a campfire dinner. Sweetcorn cooked on the cob in a fire is super tasty along with stew and salad.

As I’d just flown in that morning by 10pm I was super tired and went to bed. I slept relatively well waking up a couple of times.

The morning had a silent start with coffee and watching the view. We then went out for a morning paddleboard yoga session followed by breakfast. It was good to get on the boards again and be more used to moving on them.

We then had a couple of hours free time before a ukulele lesson which I skipped for a nap. Then me and a couple of others braved the water for a swim. It wasn’t too bad once you’d got used to the water. The sun was warm enough that I dried off relatively quickly once on the shore.


After lunch we packed up and those of us who had to be back early paddled with our stuff back while the others loaded the boat. It was a lovely chilled start to my holiday and I look forward to heading back to SUP Toronto on my next trip.

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