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Yoga by Candace Handstand Workshop

on October 26, 2017

Following on from Saturday’s workshop and one to one with Yoga by Candace on Sunday morning it was time to go to a Handstand Workshop.

I arrived relatively early as I’d popped for breakfast nearby. I ended up chatting to another girl who had also been along on Saturday and then sat next to her. That was fine except she was in the front row. Yep I was brave and sat in the middle of the front row of a handstand workshop. That’s me in the back top in the photo below.


The workshop started slowly and with some breathing then a gentle flow. We then moved onto handstand preparation and then onto handstands. There wasn’t anything too new to me but I could do forearm stands much better than the last time I did them.

It was a smaller class so good to be able to have more attention and adjustments when trying the different variations.

After the partner exercises we did a slow flow and then went into relaxation. It was a hard class but I enjoyed it. It was also super sweaty.

After class I grabbed food, a shower and then went to the train station to head home. A good weekend but a tiring one. I hope that Candace makes coming to London at least an annual event if not more frequent.

One response to “Yoga by Candace Handstand Workshop

  1. emvardz says:

    I am so, so jealous! Meeting Candace would be a dream come true.


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