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Hip Update

on October 31, 2017

So it’s been quite a while since I wrote an update on my hip.

Since then I have made quite a few changed. I tried swimming for a while and that did help. I then adopted a gorgeous chihuahua and this made my pre-work swims a bit of an issue. I have however upped my walking as a result of having her. It seems to have helped and it’s making me more mobile and generally getting out an active.

I also go referred to a private specialist in pain management. She was super understanding and great about working on a solution. She was also happy to go ahead with my researched suggestion of steroid injections. There is minimal risk of them causing more pain or infection and a middle probability of it working. It took a while for it to calm down and get back to where it was but overall it seems to have helped.

I’m now on a lower dose of painkillers and manage a few pill free days a week without too much issue. It’s been a long journey and one that I wasn’t sure I was going to get somewhere without a lot of pain but I’m in a better place for now.

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