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Bad Yoga teacher for eating meat

on November 7, 2017

I have recently started dating someone new, it’s still early but it’s lovely. He’s described me to his friends and go a lot of ‘oh is she really bendy’ comments. Sigh.

The other comment that he told me about is that people expect me to be vegetarian. I don’t eat much meat and try to only eat organic and free range meat but I still eat and enjoy it. Does that make me a bad yoga teacher? No I don’t think so. I know the principal of ahimsa, non-harm but to me animals raised for meat if they have a good life and are killed quickly and humanely then it’s ok.

I don’t agree with not eating the whole animal and using as much as possible. I don’t see why tongue and offal shouldn’t be consumed as well as the prime cuts. If they go to waste then it’s more harm.

Also humans are designed to eat meat. When I was a strict vegetarian then I regularly was anaemic and had to take iron supplements. Now I eat a little meat and feel much better. Surely harm to myself should be important and it’s always better to get nutrient via diet rather than supplements.

Still I enjoy not being what people expect.

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