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2017 Goals at Year End

on January 1, 2018

So I’m starting writing this on the 31st December on a plane back to Edinburgh having been away for Christmas visiting family.

Do at least one yoga class per week.

I didn’t achieve this aim. I don’t know why but I just don’t seem to have a regular class that fits into my schedule at the moment. I’m working on home practice and doing videos at least weekly at home. I might speak to some other teachers about setting up a monthly teaching exchange.

Look into and book Yang Yoga Teacher Training – probably not starting until 2018 but at least sourcing a course that I want to do.

Over the course of 2017 this evolved as I decided that my hip probably wouldn’t deal with teaching regular yang yoga classes. I have gone in the other direction and I am booked onto a restorative yoga course in March. I have also started doing an online Yoga Shred course to be able to bring a bit more of the dynamic flow to yin yang classes every month.

Make the studio cost neutral.

It’s now more than covering the costs and has started to pay me back for the investment from 2016.

Teach 3 workshops.

I taught my first aromatherapy Yin workshop but ran out of time to run others. I’m planning another few in 2018 including one aimed at yoga teachers.

Find out cause of Hip pain and path to solve it.

I’ve got a diagnosis but I’m still not pain free. It’s unlikely to change but for now it’s manageable.

Already completed in Q3

Travel to two new cities.

New kitchen fitted.

Finish my 200 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training.

New Aim added in Q3

Blog more consistently.

This didn’t really work. I’m not too worried about blogging as if I write things great, if I don’t then meh. I will at some point.

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