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My yoga journey

Shoes in the studio

on February 24, 2018

So I’m slightly worried that this may make me come across as crazy but still, who cares what random people on the internet think of my opinion.

Shoes in the studio. Just no. I’ve a sign on the door, one on the shelves that are right next to the door and I always ask people to removed their shoes when they come for the first time.

Why on earth would you then keep your shoes on and walk across my studio and that them off sitting on my mats. Ugh.

I want to be able to but my face on the floor knowing that it’s clean-ish and wearing shoes on it doesn’t.

Maybe I should make the sign bigger or be braver at telling people to stop until they’ve removed their shoes.

Don’t even get me started on the lady who stood on my mat wearing shoes…

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