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Stealing your mat

on September 4, 2018

A slightly odd experience in a yoga class a few weeks ago that I wanted to share,  I ‘stole’ someone’s usual space. They made it quite clear by huffing and sighing and telling the person next to me that they’d go all the way over here. It was quite uncomfortable but shouldn’t have been an issue.

I don’t really know why it was an issue and maybe I should have spoken to the person about it. I don’t really care where I sit in a class. In general I want a clear view of the teacher and not too front and centre but if that’s where there is space then that’s where I’ll sit.

My challenge to you for your next class is to go somewhere new. If you’re usually at the front move to the back, move from one side to the other. No one has a fixed spot in any yoga class that I know of so cause chaos, move around and steal someone’s space with a smile.

Would you get upset if someone stole your normal space?

One response to “Stealing your mat

  1. dalg says:

    I’m usually way too early, so it’s not an issue, but back in the day when I was a regular in a wee dive bar, I had “my stool” and while I didn’t make an issue if someone was using it, it felt strange not be in “my” space.

    Ultimately, it’s not “my” space, it’s a space, and if someone beats me to it, then what does it actually matter? (Other than by moving I could possibly be “stealing” someone’s else’s space and there’s a domino effect with the whole class being put out because no-one is is the right place 😀 )


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