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My yoga journey

Yoga Therapy Training – Module 1

on June 19, 2019

Following on from me deciding that I was going to study yoga therapy in the Netherlands. I started my first module in December. One of the things that I liked about this course was that I could do the modules in any order and anytime that they were offered over three years. This meant that I could plan them around work, trips and other commitments.

The first module I did was on Asana, Pranayama and Restorative Yoga. This was a good module to start with even if it was a difficult one. This course was co-taught by Monz, the main teacher and Alison, a restorative yoga teacher.

The course was an intensive seven days in a row with a lot of information given each day. I filled most of a note book with information along with 50 pages of hand outs and four textbooks of reading.

Each day covered a different condition or body part. In the morning we briefly covered the body part or condition and any contraindications of them. Then we did a lead practice of more dynamic poses that might be good for that condition. There generally was a discussion and partner work in the morning too.

The afternoons were lead by Alison and involved  learning the restorative approach to conditions. This usually involved two or three different restorative poses. These weren’t the normal restorative poses that you’d teach in a group class but an ultra luxury version of them. I think one pose needed six blankets to support. As well as bolsters and round cushions. It was amazing to be in the poses and feel the difference from only having two blankets.

It has helped me in my normal restorative classes too as I now allow even more props per person and a longer amount of time to get out of poses.

I finished the course motivated and ready to learn more.

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