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My yoga journey


So erm yes I’ve not written here for long enough that my ‘goodbye’ post posted. I’ve now removed it and scheduled it for later this year.

2019 was hectic to say the least and I’ll aim to cover the main things that happened in this post and I may either attempt to write some back posts or just start again with stuff from here onwards.

So main changes since I last wrote

– yoga studio moves and now teaching from other spaces not from my own space.

– corporate job changed

– my dog died (horrifically and I’m definitely not ready to write about this).

– many more modules of yoga therapy.

– more one to one teaching.

– more pilates training.

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Pilates Teaching Training

As part of my plan to teach more I decided to do pilates teacher training this year. There was a BASI pilates course in Edinburgh and at first I wasn’t going to do it but the timing worked for me and the more I looked at it the better an option it seemed to be for me.

BASI Pilates is a great mat based training course and allows you to add the equipment onto your qualification if you want to at a later date. It sounded like it wasn’t too intensive but it’s still a lot of work.

There are two training weekends of two long days with hour long classes each day along with practising poses during the day. There are over 80 poses to learn and each is a different level and body focus.

To qualify you require to,

  • attend the four days training
  • observe 10 hours of teaching
  • teach 30 hours of pilates
  • do 40 hours of pilates classes
  • pass two multiple choice exams
  • teach a 30 minute observed class
  • correctly demonstrate 4 randomly chosen poses out of the 80 in the syllabus.

Yes for me the last is the most difficult. Also the fitting in doing 40 hours of other peoples classes while working and teaching is a bit of a challenge.

I’m hoping to do my exam in August but it’s a bit soon and a bit scary to have to know everything ahead of that. In general it’s a great qualification to have and I think it’s widely recognised as being a good certification so I expect to be able to teach in gyms and other studios if I need to.

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Yoga Therapy Foundations

The way that the Yoga Therapy Teacher Training that I am undertaking works is that you can start with any module but they recommend that one of the first that you do is the Foundation course. This runs as a 100 hour training across two six day blocks about two months apart.

This gives you time to process and apply things between the modules and also gives your brain a bit of a break. I don’t think I could ever do an intensive yoga teacher training that was 20 days long as after six days my brain was too full of information and I stopped taking more in and needed time to process it.

This module covers the basics of what is yoga therapy, what the role of the yoga therapist is and the outline of a yoga therapy session. The school works on a three session plan, the first is the intake, where you find out more information about the person and their history, the second is a physical movement session, where you find out how they move and any issues with movement, the third is where you start the work. As a result you need to convince people that they need to commit to at least three sessions before they feel any benefits.

It’s a great way of working with people and I love the idea of being able to tailor sessions to each individual and to make real progress with conditions. It’s something that is often a challenge in group classes, where you have one person who is struggling and you don’t have time to help them without annoying the rest of the group by making them wait.

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Yoga Therapy Training – Module 1

Following on from me deciding that I was going to study yoga therapy in the Netherlands. I started my first module in December. One of the things that I liked about this course was that I could do the modules in any order and anytime that they were offered over three years. This meant that I could plan them around work, trips and other commitments.

The first module I did was on Asana, Pranayama and Restorative Yoga. This was a good module to start with even if it was a difficult one. This course was co-taught by Monz, the main teacher and Alison, a restorative yoga teacher.

The course was an intensive seven days in a row with a lot of information given each day. I filled most of a note book with information along with 50 pages of hand outs and four textbooks of reading.

Each day covered a different condition or body part. In the morning we briefly covered the body part or condition and any contraindications of them. Then we did a lead practice of more dynamic poses that might be good for that condition. There generally was a discussion and partner work in the morning too.

The afternoons were lead by Alison and involved  learning the restorative approach to conditions. This usually involved two or three different restorative poses. These weren’t the normal restorative poses that you’d teach in a group class but an ultra luxury version of them. I think one pose needed six blankets to support. As well as bolsters and round cushions. It was amazing to be in the poses and feel the difference from only having two blankets.

It has helped me in my normal restorative classes too as I now allow even more props per person and a longer amount of time to get out of poses.

I finished the course motivated and ready to learn more.

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So I’ve not written anything on here for almost 6 months. Time to finish or time to restart?

I’m not sure on either. I kind of miss writing about yoga and having a space to put together my thoughts. Maybe I’ll try again.


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Using Gym Membership More

I’ve been really bad recently, I’ve not been to my gym at all since before I went to Canada. That’s more than a month. It’s both a waste of money and I really should be getting back on track in terms of weight loss and regaining fitness.

My gym offers personal training sessions which I’ve never really looked at but I think for me it’d be a good option to make me more focused on a goal. I think having someone to be accountable to would be a good start. My plan is to go talk to them about options for this tomorrow and then book something in for the next few weeks.

I’ve been really bad for booking classes and then cancelling them the day before. I’m going to focus on booking less classes so I have two a week that I will attend rather than booking four with the intention of deciding which two I’ll do later and ending up cancelling all four.

I’m also aiming on swimming at least once a week. I really get benefit from it but haven’t been going as much as I’d like to. Yesterday I decided I was going but didn’t pack my bag to go, decided I’d go after I’d done something else and then decided it was too late and I was too tired. I need to get better at packing a bag and just going as soon as I’ve dropped Pico at home.

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Private Yoga – A good plan?

I’m working on expanding my yoga teaching and teaching more hours to increase my revenue from it. My plan is to make it replace part of my income so I can reduce my hours in my day job next year.

My plan is to not increase my group classes but to teach more one to one sessions. I only need two private clients having monthly sessions to make up the revenue of an extra class with much less marketing and demand on my time. If I can get it to work it’ll be great, it’s the getting it to work that may be the issue.

Is a monthly one to one yoga session something that you’d consider? If so how much would you pay for it?

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2018 Q2 Aims

Here we go with the end of June 2018 aims and were I am with them. My starting aims were, and my Q1 update is here.

40 minutes of home practice per week. Either in one session or two 20 minutes videos.

I’m slowly starting to do this. I’m getting more into the habit again of doing a home practice at least one evening a week. I’m also currently doing about 15 or 20 minutes at the studio before I teach on Mondays.

Monthly attendance at yoga class or workshop.

I’m not sure I’m really managing this, I only managed in April and May because of a course and then being away at Omassim. I didn’t manage a June in person class due to life being in the way but I’ve one booked for next week.

Monthly blog posts

I’ve managed to continue to write almost weekly posts. They might not be super long or insightful but it’s been helpful to keep it up.

Complete restorative yoga teacher training

All done and certificate received 🙂

Complete current stage of professional exams.

I’m being in decisive with this, I’m not sure I still want to do these and I’m behind with doing them too.

Run quarterly workshops.

I’m now holding monthly restorative ‘workshops’ and I’m also going to be holding a eye mask and yoga workshop in July.

Yoga Studio to continue to break even.

There are a couple of extra expenses this month but it is just about still broken even for the first half of this year.

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Reframing my attitude

I listen to podcasts while driving and enjoy Yoga By Candace’s one. It’s short episodes at about 20 minutes and nicely focused on a different topic each week.

This weeks podcast was on the law of attraction. The basic premise of this is that what message you send to the universe is what will come back. Send out a message that you are in pain and that nothing will help it and that’s what will come about.

Pain is linked to mood. If you’re positive then you feel less pain. The placebo effect is a strong one and generally I have been positive about it but the last steroid injection doesn’t seem to have worked so it’s difficult.

So my current framing of it is that I have pain but I am able to walk, do yoga and enjoy my life. I will be able to find a solution to help this be sustainable and relaxing helps this.

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I weigh the same as…

In a world of eating disorders and body dis-morphia, when converting pounds to kilos via google I found the Famous Fix list of celebrities over 120 pounds. 

Yep this appears on the top three links on Google when I typed in 128lb to kilos. Oh dear.

I now know that I weigh the same as Janet Jackson, also Naomi Campbell but she’s about 10 inches taller than me. I’m not sure I wanted to know that.

I sometimes wander if I have an unhealthy fixation with my weight, I weigh myself every week and feel positive or negative about myself based on the outcome. I know that my weight can easily vary by 5lb without me changing that much in my life. I know what I have to do to get down that extra 8lb that I loose and gain all the time. I just don’t always do it. If I wanted to be 120lb consistently then I could be but I’d ha

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