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Capsule Wardrobe

So I’m almost 4 weeks into my capsule wardrobe and wearing just 36 items of clothes. It’s mainly been not too bad.

I’m struggling a bit this week as I’ve not got a couple of ‘safe/easy’ outfits to wear. I’m also still working out what works together and different options. It’s kind of good in that I know I have outfits that I can wear but also I’m still having a few meh I don’t want to wear any of these outfits days.

I also have to get better at laundry, ironing and putting clothes away. Where as before if I didn’t do laundry or a wool wash for over a week it wasn’t too much of an issue. Now I start to run out of jumpers or cardigan options and often am picking combinations that aren’t too great towards after 5 or 6 days. I guess I just need to wash them more often or maybe accept that I can wear a sweater for multiple days without washing it. Humm.

In general it’s been good and I’m looking forward to seeing how the next two months go.

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This works: breathe in

In my giant clear out of everything currently underway I found my This Works: breathe in roller ball. I love the scent of this and it reminded me that I need to get back into aromatherapy again. I was using my oils regularly especially my pulse point ones but then life got busy, stressful and hectic. Exactly when I needed them I stopped using them. I’m now back to using them before going to sleep along with meditation. Good habits start small.

This particular rollerball is a mixture of lavender, vetivert and camomile so great for chilling out and gently heading to sleep.

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While on holiday I watched Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. If you’ve not seen it then I’d recommend it. It’s not that long and really interesting.

It lead me to do some more reading about minimalism and made me think about how to bring parts of it into my life. I’m never going to be a person who’s entire belongings fit in two bags but I know that I don’t need more than 20 pairs of leggings and 3 weeks worth of office outfits.

I’m working towards trying the 333 project with January being spent organising my stuff. I have a lot to sort out from when I got my kitchen done, stuff that’s in the box room and that’s before I’ve got to clothes.

I know that I am guilty of buying things I don’t need, don’t use and then don’t get rid of them. I’m planning on doing it slowly a section at a time and then recycling, reusing and regifting things.

I also realised that I do wear a few clothes regularly. The swimming costume that I took on holiday with me is one I bought 7 years ago. I’ve got others but that’s the one that I feel good in. I’m going to replace it as it’s starting to wear out but I’m going to look carefully and buy one that I love and get rid of the others that I don’t wear.

I’ve quite a few clothes that don’t quite fit that I keep on meaning to get adjusted but haven’t done so. I have a dress that I’ve now moved house twice and I’ve been in my current house for over two years. I’m going to see what I’ve got at the end of my clear out and then either get them adjusted or sell them.

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Bad Yoga teacher for eating meat

I have recently started dating someone new, it’s still early but it’s lovely. He’s described me to his friends and go a lot of ‘oh is she really bendy’ comments. Sigh.

The other comment that he told me about is that people expect me to be vegetarian. I don’t eat much meat and try to only eat organic and free range meat but I still eat and enjoy it. Does that make me a bad yoga teacher? No I don’t think so. I know the principal of ahimsa, non-harm but to me animals raised for meat if they have a good life and are killed quickly and humanely then it’s ok.

I don’t agree with not eating the whole animal and using as much as possible. I don’t see why tongue and offal shouldn’t be consumed as well as the prime cuts. If they go to waste then it’s more harm.

Also humans are designed to eat meat. When I was a strict vegetarian then I regularly was anaemic and had to take iron supplements. Now I eat a little meat and feel much better. Surely harm to myself should be important and it’s always better to get nutrient via diet rather than supplements.

Still I enjoy not being what people expect.

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Meditation practice 

As I admitted in my Q3 update I’ve not been doing much asana practice over the past few months. What I have however been practicing is mindfulness and meditation. 

While on my last trip I found three new focuses for my mediatations. 

Jellyfish or fish in general. 

Fire or even a candle 

Water in its many forms

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So September happened and I didn’t post a single blog post. An update very shortly with my Q3 goals coming and another about my SUP yoga retreat. 

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Meal Prepping Overnight Oats

I’m getting much better at being organised and ensuring that I’ve done enough meal prep so I don’t end up eating unhealthy. One of the areas that I’ve improved lots in is breakfast. I used to often end up buying a pastry or muffin on my way to work but now that’s very much swapped up being an occasional treat.

I actually don’t miss it as I’ve found my groove in overnight oats. I’ve a collection of different tubs to take it to work in and prepping two or three days work takes no time at all.

My current favourite and what I’m having four times a week is mango chia overnight oats. The ‘recipe’ to make 4 portions is as follows,

For each tub you’ll need

50g porridge oats

15g chia seeds

125ml coconut or almond milk

Plus 1 can mango with juice to use for all 4.
Mix the chia seeds and oats roughly together, add the milk and juice from the tinned mango and stir.

Empty the mango into a bowl and chop into bits size pieces. Add 1/4 into each tub. Add a lid and leave in the fridge for at least 8 hours and for up to 4 days.

In the morning give it a quick stir before enjoying. It really is that simple.

I wandered about the cost and I worked it out as 52p per serving and £7.44 for all the ingredients. Some of them like chia seeds are expensive but you only need 15g per portion so they’ll last ages and usually have a long expiration date.

I’m looking forward to spring arriving and more options for fruit being available. I love berry overnight oats too but they are so expensive during winter I’ve pretty much stopped.

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Visiting the Farm

Last weekend I was meant to be travelling to spend the weekend doing a vinyasa yoga course but as my hip was quite inflamed and I’m not sure I’m going to be able to teach it longer term I gave it a miss. As a result I didn’t have a lot planned. Luckily one of my friends and her son were free so we arranged a trip to Craigie Farm.

It was a foggy morning but it’s still a beautiful place. They have a large number of fruit fields which you can pick your own fruit from in the summer, a cafe and a play area. What they also have that I hadn’t been to before is a pick your own egg section, next to the chicken run. The eggs that are laid come into little boxes so that you can easily collect them.

They were super fresh eggs, laid that morning and made great boiled eggs for breakfast.

Also the farm seems to be trying new veggie boxes with various winter vegetables. These were only £3 and had a good amount of vegetables in them. I got an onion, carrots, potatoes, beetroot (a small one), leeks, cabbage and parsnips. Not a huge amount of anything but enough to make a dish or two. I made three portions of parsnip and carrot soup, mashed potatoes to go with sausages, okonomiyaki and roast beetroot salad. Not bad for £3.

I’ll certainly be back again to buy more vegetables and to try to pick my own eggs.


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Disney Yoga

A couple of weeks ago I spent a fun weekend in Disneyland Paris with a group of friends. It was a really cold weekend with frost on the ground and snow at one point. I was really concerned at how my hip would hold up and if I’d manage to walk around all day without being in too much pain. It was quite bad and I certainly had to up my painkillers to cope with it. In general it was tolerable with the painkillers until the Sunday and then that was more the sitting for long periods that I think made it worst.


I took time every evening to stretch off and have a bath which I think helped. Heat certainly helps the muscles ease off and for one day I had a heat pack to help it not be so sore. I’ve now ordered some more of the stick on ones which I’ll take with me for my next trip.

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Yoga while traveling 

I was away again this weekend and I’m attempting to get back into the habit of practing yoga on a regular basis. I’ve done classes every Saturday for the past month so when away this weekend I aimed to still do some to not miss some. 

I was fortunately staying with a friend so I didn’t need to bring a yoga mat and there was space in her livingroom for me to practice. 

I did a few yoga poses while around the markets and I’ve posted photos of them on Instagram. 

I also did a nice short practice but I got asked about various poses I was doing and why.  It was good to share my practice with others who don’t currently do yoga but still it wasn’t ideal. 

Still a bit of practice is better than none. 

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