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Summer classes

This week I made the decision to cancel one of my classes over the summer. I’ve only got two people signed up and one is away for two weeks. I’ve managed to fit both into the earlier class so it’s not a loss in revenue overall. 

Still it feels a bit like I’ve failed. 

I teach two classes a week that are full, that have no spaces on a regular basis. I’m making money from my studio, it’s profitable. Or a more accurate description is, it’s starting to repay me the investment that I had to put into the studio to get things going. 

Maybe the time of that class is wrong? Maybe it’s not a good fit. I don’t know. I’ve got 6 weeks to think about it and decide if I want to keep the class going to try for a different slot. 

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Last weekend I did something a bit rash. I bid on a SUP. And I won!

I’ve only been about half a dozen times but I love it. I find it super relaxing and such a great work out that’s low impact. 

I had to buy a few more accessories than I thought as it didn’t come with a pump or leash but overall I’m happy with the price I paid. 

I’m headed out for the first time on Thursday so I’ll see how it goes. 

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Bluetooth Yoga Pants?

Yep you read the title correctly. Bluetooth Yoga Pants are now a thing. They are from a company called Wearable X and cost $300. Ouch!

Having read the website I’m not 100% sure how they work and how they know which pose you are doing. They have vibrating feedback to help your alignment and movements. It seems a lot of money for leggings that I don’t understand how they work.

I could spend $75 on leggings and then the $225 would get me 11 classes or 4 one to one sessions which I’m more likely to get better feedback on poses and how to correct my alignment.

Diffidently not something that I’ll be buying.

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My Buddha Box Fail

At the Om Yoga show I ordered a surprise box from My Buddha Box. They had a great stand and the products that were in the previous boxes looked great. As the show was a little after my birthday I decided to use some of my birthday money to treat myself to a box.

It should have been dispatched on the 21st April so a few days after I got back from Thailand and should have contained mala beads and ‘other awesome things’. I was really looking forward to it.

Then I didn’t get a dispatch email. I checked the website, nope not dispatched. I was patient, these things get held up, no problem. By the 27th, still not dispatched and nothing on social media since the 11th. Humm. I emailed them and also sent an Instagram message.


I sent a Facebook and Instagram message on the 2nd May, which I got a response from on the 6th May.

“Hi, I’m so sorry to here you haven’t received your box yet, We will resolve this today for you we are looking into the issue, and figure it out we will message you buy the end of the day if we can’t track down your box we will send you out a replacement! Sorry about this!”

Excellent, progress I thought.

I sent another message on the 9th May asking what happening as it still wasn’t showing as dispatched on the website and they hadn’t asked for my order number or any other details to help recognised my delivery. I mean my Instagram only uses my first name not my full name.

I then gave up waiting on the 15th May. Luckily I’d paid via PayPal as they had the option of that or typing in card details. I raised it as a item not delivered query. I send copies of screenshots showing that it hadn’t been dispatched and that I’d questioned where it was.

PayPal found in my favour and were able to recover the money from My Buddha Mood Box but it was a lot of a faff. Plus I actually wanted the stuff in the box. I’ve not found another surprise box that suits me that has yoga stuff that isn’t US based.

My Buddha Mood Box’s website is still live and still accepting orders as far as I can tell so I’m not sure if they were just rubbish for me or have gone out of business.


Instagram followers to teach yoga? 

To apply for this yoga teacher job you need to have a minimum of 3k Instagram followers. Seriously. 

I’m not sure how that makes you a good teacher but I’m sure they’ll have a reason. 

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Weigh loss/Fitness Update

Here I am three and a half weeks after I started my focus on health and weight loss. It’s been a challenge to keep on track but I’m still going. 

I’ve lost 4.2lb so with my aim of a pound a week I’m slightly ahead. I know the first ones will be easier than the last so better to be ahead now. 

I’ve been swimming at about three times a week and am beginning to enjoy it more. It’s a bit of a challenge to have everything sorted and ready to take with me but it’s beginning to be more of a routine and I’ve now got places that everything goes in my bag and it makes it a bit less of an effort.

In terms of diet it’s been hard keeping tack of everything that I eat. Be it good or bad it goes in my food log. I’ve generally been sticking to about 1600 calories or less each day but there have been occasional going overs. I’m trying not to beat myself up about it and work on the 80/20 rule. Keep to it 80% (or more) of the time and not stress about the 20%.

I’ve only had one day were I completely blew the number of calories and that was as I went to a gin festival and drank all of the gin and then ate all of the bad food. What I remembered to track was 240% of my target calories. I’m pretty sure I drank my daily target alone. Still I got back on track and didn’t let it stop me. 


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Reusi Dat Ton Workshop

Reusi Dat Ton is also known as Thai Yoga. It’s not that well known and certainly a lots less known than most yoga styles.

Two weeks ago I went to a workshop run by Clara Pelica at Neal Yard in Edinburgh. It was really great and I can’t wait for the next one. Clara ran through the origins of Reusi Dat Ton, which was created for the Thai monks and hermits for when they’d been meditating for days at a time. The moves are mainly small and focus on various trigger points across the body.

We covered 15 different moves in the workshop and got given a workbook with them all in. Some are quite similar to yoga poses or adaptations of poses that I’ve done in classes before. The breath however is very different. You move on a inhale, reach final position, hold your breath then come out on an exhale. It takes a while to get used to it but I quite like it.

I’ve only managed to do a few of the exercises since the workshop as the kitchen is finally being finished and as a result my kitchen is currently all in my livingroom. I’ll report back once I’ve done more self practice but this is certainly something that I can see me doing more of.

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I need to write a longer update post on my weigh loss and general how I’m coping with it but in the mean time just quick update, as part of my plan to lose weight and get fitter I joined a gym to mainly swim in which seems to be helping my hip pain. I’m also trying something new tomorrow and taking a class in weight training.

I used to do weights as part of Krav Maga classes. They are a really good efficient way to gain muscle and loose weight. I’m not going to be able to run or cycle for the next few years so I need to find something else that I enjoy that I can do to keep me healthy.

It’s going to be a bit of a challenge to do it outwith the class but if I aim for once a week on top of my swimming then I’m hoping that I’ll be able to start to see a difference within a month or so.


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A year of running a studio

A year ago today I signed a lease on my yoga studio. It was a huge leap but I was struggling to find space that wasn’t huge and expensive to hold classes. There is a serious lack in spaces for small classes in Edinburgh. Everywhere was more suited for holding 20 person classes and I only wanted to do 4 or 6 people at a maximum.

I’m almost hesitant to say it but it seems to have worked. I’ve got several others hiring out the space for classes and my classes are busy. I could teach more classes but with other commitments I don’t want to over commit and end up burned out.

It was a leap that I wasn’t 100% sure about but as I’ve regretted not taking other leaps then I decided that this time I would do. I’m glad I put my faith in doing this and that my hard work has paid off. Here’s to the next year of studio ownership.

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Bad Yoga Teacher

I am a bad yoga teacher and what I teach shouldn’t be called yoga it should be called stretching or something else.

I may have go involved with the comments section of a post in a Facebook group that I’m part of. I teach a class that is an hour of yoga followed by a tutored gin tasting. Yep alcohol mixed with yoga. I know I am a bad teacher.

It has gone down really well with those who come along to classes and has been a really great chilled way to get to know people better and build a community.

It got me quite annoyed being told that what I teach isn’t yoga. I love my classes and those that come along have really benefited from them. I may not teach much yoga philosophy as part of my classes and we don’t chant as it’s not part of my personal practice on a regular basis. I don’t do spirituality in classes as I think that’s up to people to find it and if yoga works for them then great, if not then something else may be equality great.

So yes I’m going to keep teaching yoga classes the way that I do and keep calling them yoga. My people will find me and most of my classes have less than 3 spaces in them so I recon people seem to enjoy what I teach.

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