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You may have noticed that I went very quiet and took week off from posting last week. The reason was that I was waiting for some exciting news. I’ve now heard back and I’m now ready to share.


I decided about two weeks ago that I was really enjoying being able to practice more aerial yoga and wanted to learn more. I was looking for a weekend workshop or more intensive learning and came across details of teacher training.

Within two days, I’d gone from ‘maybe I could do that’ and sending an enquiry to filling in a formal application form and being accepted. The first part of the course starts on the 28th May and following that I’ll be able to teach some basic beginners workshops. There is a further two courses in October to learn more and to expand what I will be able to teach.

The system that I am going to train in is called Anti-Gravity yoga or Anti-Gravity Fitness. It was created by Christopher Harrison and is really similar to what I currently train in. I like that there are two different styles of the programme, both the yoga for relaxing and the fitness side which is similar to TRX exercises. I love using my hammock for conditioning and I love having people to play in it.

I shared that I was going to start instructor training with my friends on facebook and I’ve got about 20 people interested in trying a taster class. I’m quite impressed as that’s only my immediate friends and not any wider circle. I think I should have enough people interested to hold one or two classes a week. I’m not planning on leaving my current job or anything as drastic as that but I’m looking forward to sharing this with more people. I’m still working on getting a space that I can teach sorted as there are a few in Edinburgh that are rigged already but they can be quite busy. I’m hoping to have that all done by the end of this week.

As you can tell I’m quite excited about it and really looking forward to a new challenge. I’ll no doubt be posting quite a few photos of me in different positions and will blog all about my instructor training and first classes.

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Why you should do Aerial Yoga

It’s been ages since I posted anything as I’m awaiting confirmation of some exciting news that I want to share but I’ve not got it yet. So no more waiting and back to normal posts until I get confirmation (which should be in the next few days).

I haven’t done much normal yoga over the past week as I’ve been super busy helping with the launch of the space that I practice aerial yoga in. I love aerial yoga and the freedom that it gives me to cross train my conditioning, aerial skills and calming yoga moves. I end each session feeling stretched, lengthened and very worked.

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Huffington Post posted an article about why you should do Aerial Yoga. I agree with most of it but it doesn’t say that most importantly it’s fun. It’s a great work out that pretty much everyone can do. If you’ve not tried a class already then try to get to one. I guarantee it’ll make you smile.


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Aerial Yoga 

As you may have seen from Instagram I got my yoga hammock rigged and had a play about on in this week. I did about five months of classes last year which I loved. I am no means an expert but I know enough to enjoy training safely by myself.

I had great fun trying out moves and balances again and doing a full hour after not doing any for a few months was a mistake. My abs and shoulders are certainly feeling it. I’m looking forward to training more over the next few months.

I also have bought Rebekah Leach’s book The Aerial Yoga Manual Book 1. This is such a great guide to different moves to try with the hammock and it includes things that I’d done maybe once in class but had forgotten. I’m going to start working through the different sequences and moves.

I’d recommend trying a class in the many names that it’s known as, yoga hammock, aerial yoga, anti gravity yoga and I’m sure more. The you too can have a smile like this and a very worked core.

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