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My yoga journey

Finishing Fundamentals

I did the two online assessments last weekend and got 92% and 88% in them. So I’m finished this part of my Anti-Gravity Fundamentals 1 & 2 course. I’m still having a few issues with sorting out the venue to teach classes in so I’m not going to be able to start teaching just yet. The course has been really good and I feel that I have quite good knowledge to be able to teach classes. I think that a lot of friends and people that I know will enjoy the classes and learning the moves. It’s helped me with my core strength and particularly my arm strength.

I’m also feeling a little shallow but happy today. I sent a copy of my certificate to Sweaty Betty and I’m now very happy that I’m registered as part of their fitness professional programme. The main advantage of this is that I get 20% off their clothing including items in the sale. Considering the amount of Sweaty Betty clothing that I buy and wear (and that I recommend it to anyone that asks about yoga or fitness clothing) I think I might as well get rewarded for it. I’m hoping that the summer sale starts really soon as I want to get a couple of new tops for going away on holiday, plus I could do with another pair of leg warmers. Yes in Scotland in June I think of buying leg warmers. In the mean time I’ve ordered the Sea Breeze top, which they didn’t have in store in my size, which I love and I’m planning on wearing to run the Urban Triathlon in two weeks’ time!

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Exciting News

You may have noticed that I went very quiet and took week off from posting last week. The reason was that I was waiting for some exciting news. I’ve now heard back and I’m now ready to share.


I decided about two weeks ago that I was really enjoying being able to practice more aerial yoga and wanted to learn more. I was looking for a weekend workshop or more intensive learning and came across details of teacher training.

Within two days, I’d gone from ‘maybe I could do that’ and sending an enquiry to filling in a formal application form and being accepted. The first part of the course starts on the 28th May and following that I’ll be able to teach some basic beginners workshops. There is a further two courses in October to learn more and to expand what I will be able to teach.

The system that I am going to train in is called Anti-Gravity yoga or Anti-Gravity Fitness. It was created by Christopher Harrison and is really similar to what I currently train in. I like that there are two different styles of the programme, both the yoga for relaxing and the fitness side which is similar to TRX exercises. I love using my hammock for conditioning and I love having people to play in it.

I shared that I was going to start instructor training with my friends on facebook and I’ve got about 20 people interested in trying a taster class. I’m quite impressed as that’s only my immediate friends and not any wider circle. I think I should have enough people interested to hold one or two classes a week. I’m not planning on leaving my current job or anything as drastic as that but I’m looking forward to sharing this with more people. I’m still working on getting a space that I can teach sorted as there are a few in Edinburgh that are rigged already but they can be quite busy. I’m hoping to have that all done by the end of this week.

As you can tell I’m quite excited about it and really looking forward to a new challenge. I’ll no doubt be posting quite a few photos of me in different positions and will blog all about my instructor training and first classes.

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Flying High 

I am loving having my yoga hammock rigged and being able to practice more. Last night after work I went to train and take part in some filming for publicity for the new centre where I practice.  

I’m working on a little sequence of standing poses which I posted a video of on Instagram. It’s working quite well but I need to remember to hold things for longer than I think. More progress to make it smooth but I think I’ve got about 2 minutes of flow that will work into an eventual routine. 

The filming was good but I think I make strange faces while moving into poses so I’m a little worried that I’ll end up looking silly in the footage but it’s all part of letting go of my ego. They filmed lots of other people doing cool tricks so it should be a good piece in general. 

Towards the end of the filming we got the reporter to try some poses in my hammock while filming her piece to camera. It was good fun and she seemed to enjoy it.  



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