Sleeping in Savasana

My yoga journey

Whole 30 ish for July

My diet has been really bad for the past while. I’ve been eating too much processed food and not enough of what I should.

As a result I am starting doing a whole 30 diet. I’m doing a couple of variations on the way it’s prescribed to be done.

I’m allowing myself to drink milk, just unprocessed whole milk.

I’m allowing myself to eat all legumes. I don’t see the advantage of removing them in unprocessed from my diet. I’m not going to have soy sauce or other such derivatives.

I’m going to allow minimal portions of oats, rice and corn. Again I don’t see the advantage of completely removing them from my diet. These again are in whole form so not corn syrup but sweetcorn, corn on the cob etc are allowed.

Mainly I am removing all processed food from my diet and making everything from scratch myself.

Snacking is going to be the hardest thing for me. I’m ensuring I have lots prepped like portions of nuts, fruit, carrot sticks and a couple of dehydrated receipts that I’m going to try.

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Finding balance

The weather here is all out of balance. One day it’s sunny and a pleasant spring day. The next we have snow. A lot of it.

I feel like the world is trying to right a balance and going too far one way or the other. I’m also doing similar in my personal practice.

After not really doing much for the past month outside of teaching and planning classes. I went the other direction and have done practice for 30minutes to an hour each day for the last week. I feel better for it but it’s not sustainable. I’d like it to be but currently I can’t commit that long each day to practice without other things going out of balance.

I need to work towards a middle that’s sustainable long term.

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This works: breathe in

In my giant clear out of everything currently underway I found my This Works: breathe in roller ball. I love the scent of this and it reminded me that I need to get back into aromatherapy again. I was using my oils regularly especially my pulse point ones but then life got busy, stressful and hectic. Exactly when I needed them I stopped using them. I’m now back to using them before going to sleep along with meditation. Good habits start small.

This particular rollerball is a mixture of lavender, vetivert and camomile so great for chilling out and gently heading to sleep.

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Losing my practice

So here goes. Confession time. I am a yoga teacher who other than demonstrating poses and taking photos for Instagram has done about 5 minutes of yoga in the last month. Yes that includes meditation practice.

As a result I’m stressed, run down and now ill. It’s also not helped by that I’m eating badly currently.

I know that I just need to get on the mat and start again but it’s hard. Having a dog also adds complications in terms of it being difficult to go straight from work to yoga or leave her for too long.

Videos I know will be the way forward but again starting is hard. My aim for tomorrow is 15 minutes of yoga. Not a long video but long enough to get started. 15 minutes 3 times a week should be achievable but at the moment it seems so far away.

Practice not perfection as always.

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Lemon Water Part 2

I wrote before I went to Thailand about lemon water and it’s something that I’ve been incorporating into my morning routine for about six weeks now. It seems to work for me and it’s quite refreshing and hydrating. It’s a good substitute for drinking cold water or squash especially as it’s been cold. I’ve also got a bottle of lemon juice in the fridge at work so I’ve started having a cup mid-morning at the office too.

I’m also trying to increase the amount of water and non-caffeinated drinks that I drink. It’s made a difference to levels of alertness but I think that’s more due to extra water/fluids in general as I’m now getting up and away from my computer more often as a result of drinking extra water and having to walk down to the bathrooms more often.

The main reason that I’m doing a follow up post about this is that I found this article from the Telegraph about lemon water from May 2015. It basically summaries what I thought before. Yes lemon water isn’t going to be bad for you but it’s not the mythical cure for weightloss, good skin and inner peace that some articles seem to make out it to be.

One thing that I did find that is quite interesting is that lemon is slightly anti-bacterial so the ayurveda reason for prescribing it may have been to help ensure that the drinking water was clean.

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Soaking Away The Pain

I love baths and it was one of the non-negotiables when it came to buying a new flat, it had to have a bath. It’s great me time with a cup of herbal tea, glass of wine or smoothie depending on my mood and how long I have. I also am a big fan of setting up my ipad with a tv programme and watching it while soaking away the stress.

When I was at Omassim one of the things that the masseuse suggested for helping with joint and muscle pain was epsom salts. When I visited my lovely dentist last week and told her about my hip, she also suggested epsom salt baths and she said that Radox did a product that she used as it smelled really nice. After two suggestions of using bath salts I figured I’d give it a try.


I got a box from Boots as I had enough points to get the free and I generally like to spend my points on a little treat or something different. They make the bath really blue and you don’t need that much so even though the box wasn’t as big as I thought it would be, it’ll still do at least three or four baths.

I really liked the smell and it helped me relax and wind down. Also because of the salt it helped exfoliate my skin which it really needed. I’m not sure the effects on my muscles and joints as I find that having a bath without salts also helps that.

It’s a nice additional to the bath so I’m considering if I order the set of 6 boxes from Amazon but I’m not quite sure where I’d store it all as I don’t think it’d be a good idea to store it in my bathroom.


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Oil Pulling

I have a love hate relationship with my dentist. She’s great and we have lovely chats and she only does work that is needed but at the same time in the past five years she’s given me a root canal, removed two wisdom teeth and generally tells me to floss more. I have an issue with plaque build up on the back of my front teeth and it’s something that she normally deals with a scale and polish every three months. I missed the last one as I was away so it’s been about 8 months since I last saw her. As a result my plaque is much worst than it has been historically and actually I’ve got a few issues with my gums too.

I was very surprised that as a suggestion for addressing this she’s recommended that for the next six weeks I try a combination of oil pulling with coconut oil and a tea tree toothpaste. She’s stressed that this isn’t based on current scientific evidence as being the most effective method of treatment but in her experience it works for some people. Also it’s to be done in conjunction with brushing my teeth and flossing as usual, all be it with an tea tree toothpaste. The other option is using a type of antibacterial and anti plaque paste that can dye your teeth slightly brown so I’m willing to try it for six weeks to see if it helps.

Oil pulling is a traditional ayurvedic way of cleaning the teeth and is meant to help pull the toxins from the body. I’m not convinced that it’s going to help me get rid of toxins in the body other than those in the mouth but I’m willing to try. I’ve ordered both tea tree toothpaste and a jar of coconut oil online today and they should be here at the weekend for me to try it. I find it amusing that my dentist who doesn’t know that I do yoga has recommended something from ayurvedic medicine. I’ll let you know how I get on in the next couple of weeks and what my dentist says about how my gums are in about 6 weeks.

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Changes and Plans

Sorry I’ve not posted much over the past few weeks, life has been a little bit hectic to say the least. I agreed to buy a new home without having sold my existing one (which I needed to have done to be able to afford to buy the new one). I then sold my home, within 7 days of it going on the market. It’s all very fast and I should have a confirmed moving date soon and then I can get on with the next stage of planning things.

I also did something a little bit crazy this week. I booked flights to go meet up with some of my family this weekend. In Bangkok. Yep, I’m flying from Edinburgh to Bangkok, Thailand for the weekend.

I very much will need to do some Airplane Yoga on the way there and back to counter the 30 hours of travel time that my crazy plan involves.

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Recovery and taking it slow

I’m still getting fully better from having injured my wrist just over a week ago. I’ve been trying to take it easy and not do too much that aggravates it. Unfortunately that includes using a computer so work has been interesting. Ever tried not to use a mouse too much?

On Wednesday rather than my usual aerial yoga work out I was good and did a 30 minute yoga for balance video by Yoga By Candace. I’ve done this video before and enjoyed it but I’d forgotten about it. It doesn’t involve a lot of downward dog (which is fine in short amounts but not for a full ashtanga class worth), helps work on my balance in multiple ways which is really useful.

I’m spending tomorrow afternoon training with two others so I’m going to have to attempt to be good and not overdo things. I may suggest that we do this video as a warm up as I enjoyed it and found it really good for conditioning and think that it’ll improve my balance further if I do it multiple times.

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Trees growing roots 

I really am enjoying noticing how I’m making progress in the various positions and sequences. At the Sweaty Betty class we do part of the Ashtanga primary series. It’s only an hour class so there isn’t time for the full primary led class. We do the same opening and closing sequence each week with a few changes to the middle section. I’m starting to feel that I know the poses and sequence of them and am able to focus more on the poses themselves rather than working out which pose we should be in and how long we’re holding it for. 

The past few weeks have been taught by Jenna from Meadowlark who is super sweet and lovely teacher. I really enjoy her friendly relaxed manner and she’s not afraid to be humble and share her experiences. This week she got stuck in a dharma wheel before class and was happily telling us about it and even let Meadowlark share the video of it, which can be found here and is hilarious. 

This week during the standing sequence in Tree pose I thought I’d try a deeper variation than I had done in the past and try the half lotus. It worked and I managed to hold my foot into the hip crease without too much difficulty and without feeling like I was going to fall over. 


I’m really enjoying the freedom to try different variations and that if they work great but if not then they’ll be there for another day. Also as one teacher said (I can’t remember which) if you don’t get it today it doesn’t mean you won’t get it tomorrow. I look forward to seeing how my practice develops in the next few months. 

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