Sleeping in Savasana

My yoga journey

Finding my breath

Last week wasn’t such a great week for me. I came down with a cold that then spread into my chest. I ended up with a chest infection and not really able to breathe properly for almost a week.

In yoga classes so often the instruction is find your natural breath or move with your breath. Well what about when your breath isn’t working?

It was such a challenge to do anything, even going to the kitchen to make tea left me out of breath and tired. I had my humidifier which helped but also caused me to cough.

I’m so glad that I don’t suffer from long term lung issues as I can’t imagine feeling like that for more than a few days. Take a couple of deep breathes and appreciate that you can.

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Breathe and Smile

The week before going away is always a busy one and this week is no exception. I’ve not made it to class this week as I’ve been super busy at work and trying to be organised and doing laundry etc before going away.

Also I’ve had some news about my job┬áthat should be fine longer term but that means that the next couple of months may be a little more hectic than I want them to be. It’s all about learning to be patient, leave my ego at the door and keep smiling. Oh and spend 5 minutes meditating at lunch time, that also helps.

Two more working days then I’ll be off to the coast for a week of yoga and relaxing. The instagram post that I posted on Monday certainly sums up this week.


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