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Five Yoga Poses in Five Countries

Last week I went to visit my friend in Switzerland. One of the advantages of this is that it’s really close to elsewhere so adventures can be had.

He had never been to Lichtenstein because why would you but is trying to get up to having visited 50 countries before his next birthday. As a result we went on a road trip.

There were rules for it to qualify as having visited that country.

1. We must get out the car. Just driving through doesn’t count.

2. We must eat or drink something in each country. Ideally from that county.

3. A yoga pose and photo of yoga pose in each too.

So we set off from Switzerland after breakfast of croissants with local jam. My yoga pose photo was from the autumn fair the night before but it still counts.

We arrived in Lichtenstein and had a quick wander around the outside of the castle and tree pose then headed into the town centre to find some lunch. We also purchased wine and cheese to take home with us.

Another 45 minutes in the car and we were in Austria by Lake Constance. It was very pretty if a little grey. The photo was down dog by the lakeside and the food was apple strudel with coffee.

A longer drive into Germany to Singen which was cold and dark. We found German wine and did Eagle pose in the train station. We were just going to get going having eaten chocolate in the car on the drive through Germany but needed the toilet so bought a drink in the bar next to the car park.

France was the final country on the way home and we only ventured 20m over the border to take a photo of warrior pose and eat a square of chocolate.

Then at home in Switzerland we then started the second part of our travel around the region. We had wine from all five countries and enjoyed a glass of each with various cheeses and a chat by the fire.

It was a good road trip and I was glad to have seen more of Switzerland and the surrounding countries. There certainly are parts that I want to explore in more depth another time. After most of a day in the car it was good to stretch in front of the fire and drink wine but a proper class was found online and done the next morning to stretch out properly. It also means I’ve definitely completed my goal of visiting two new cities this year with three new cities and one new country in one day.

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Lemon Water Part 2

I wrote before I went to Thailand about lemon water and it’s something that I’ve been incorporating into my morning routine for about six weeks now. It seems to work for me and it’s quite refreshing and hydrating. It’s a good substitute for drinking cold water or squash especially as it’s been cold. I’ve also got a bottle of lemon juice in the fridge at work so I’ve started having a cup mid-morning at the office too.

I’m also trying to increase the amount of water and non-caffeinated drinks that I drink. It’s made a difference to levels of alertness but I think that’s more due to extra water/fluids in general as I’m now getting up and away from my computer more often as a result of drinking extra water and having to walk down to the bathrooms more often.

The main reason that I’m doing a follow up post about this is that I found this article from the Telegraph about lemon water from May 2015. It basically summaries what I thought before. Yes lemon water isn’t going to be bad for you but it’s not the mythical cure for weightloss, good skin and inner peace that some articles seem to make out it to be.

One thing that I did find that is quite interesting is that lemon is slightly anti-bacterial so the ayurveda reason for prescribing it may have been to help ensure that the drinking water was clean.

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Yoga Camp Summer Sun Week one 

In August I’m taking part in the Yoga Camp Summer Sun photo challenge. It’s not quite so good as last months Get Your Om Back as there aren’t so many variations and options given. I’m still really enjoying it and will hopefully not miss any more days for the rest of the challenge. 

In the continued theme of Practice not perfect, sorry but I’m wearing clothes other than a bikini and not on a beach in them 🙂 

Here are my photos so far. 


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