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Whole 30 ish for July

My diet has been really bad for the past while. I’ve been eating too much processed food and not enough of what I should.

As a result I am starting doing a whole 30 diet. I’m doing a couple of variations on the way it’s prescribed to be done.

I’m allowing myself to drink milk, just unprocessed whole milk.

I’m allowing myself to eat all legumes. I don’t see the advantage of removing them in unprocessed from my diet. I’m not going to have soy sauce or other such derivatives.

I’m going to allow minimal portions of oats, rice and corn. Again I don’t see the advantage of completely removing them from my diet. These again are in whole form so not corn syrup but sweetcorn, corn on the cob etc are allowed.

Mainly I am removing all processed food from my diet and making everything from scratch myself.

Snacking is going to be the hardest thing for me. I’m ensuring I have lots prepped like portions of nuts, fruit, carrot sticks and a couple of dehydrated receipts that I’m going to try.

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Infused Water

I’m trying to drink more water as I’ve gotten out of the habit and don’t drink nearly enough on a daily basis. To help fix this I’ve done two things, one is to buy 1 litre bottles of sparkling water instead of diet coke at lunchtime, and secondly I bought an infuser water bottle.

The sparkling water is good in that it makes me feel like I’m getting something more exciting to drink that just water and also as there is a Lidl near my work it’s only 37p rather than the £1.20 that a 500ml bottle of diet coke normally costs.

The infuser water bottle is also good for encouraging me to drink. What I’ve been doing is putting cucumber or berries in to infuse over night in the fridge and then emptying it into my chilli water bottle to take to the office. That way it stays cool all day and I can just pour it into a glass to drink and it’s still cold.


I’m still experimenting and I’m not sure what else to put in it. What are your favourite water infused recipes?

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I weigh the same as…

In a world of eating disorders and body dis-morphia, when converting pounds to kilos via google I found the Famous Fix list of celebrities over 120 pounds. 

Yep this appears on the top three links on Google when I typed in 128lb to kilos. Oh dear.

I now know that I weigh the same as Janet Jackson, also Naomi Campbell but she’s about 10 inches taller than me. I’m not sure I wanted to know that.

I sometimes wander if I have an unhealthy fixation with my weight, I weigh myself every week and feel positive or negative about myself based on the outcome. I know that my weight can easily vary by 5lb without me changing that much in my life. I know what I have to do to get down that extra 8lb that I loose and gain all the time. I just don’t always do it. If I wanted to be 120lb consistently then I could be but I’d ha

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Weight loss Update 

So it’s been a month since I last posted about my weight loss journey. I’m doing this to be happy with my body rather than just hit a number.

However this past month has been challenging. I’ve not lost any weight. I know why this has happened, I have been stressed, busy and not swimming or exercising as much as I would like. I’ve still got 60 days to get back on tack. I’m not sure I can loose 10lb which would take me to the 120lb aim that I set in that time but maybe I’ll aim for 8lb or just under 1lb a week. 
I’m back on my meal prep and ensuring that I have lots of different options that are healthy and low calorie in the flat. I’ve got snacks and easy preparation food so when I’m stressed and getting home late I’m not tempted to get take away. 

I’ll post another update in two weeks when I hope to have made some progress. 

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Eating Essential Oils

I’m not sure if it’s just me but there seems to be a lot going around just now about eating or drinking essential oils. It’s mainly from doterra suppliers and users so I’m not sure if this is something that they’re pushing just now. 

It seems a bit wrong to me. I love using essential oils both on my skin and in an aromatherapy sense. I have a water based unit in the studio that gives it a great smell and atmosphere. 

But drinking them mixed in water or adding them to food? Nope. To me no matter how pure you think your oil is, it’s still an unregulated industry. I’m sure that detorra oils are good quality and come from great ingredients but am I going to ingest it. Nope. 

I lived with an awesome aromatherapist after university and she was extremely cautious about using mixing up her good quality undiluted oils with carrier oils to ensure that none got on her skin due to the damage it could cause to her skin. Can you imagine what’d happen to your mouth if you left a drop on the side of a cup and drank it? Ekk! 

I’m sure most people who drink and eat essential oils come to no harm but it’s not something that I’m willing to do. 

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Weigh loss/Fitness Update

Here I am three and a half weeks after I started my focus on health and weight loss. It’s been a challenge to keep on track but I’m still going. 

I’ve lost 4.2lb so with my aim of a pound a week I’m slightly ahead. I know the first ones will be easier than the last so better to be ahead now. 

I’ve been swimming at about three times a week and am beginning to enjoy it more. It’s a bit of a challenge to have everything sorted and ready to take with me but it’s beginning to be more of a routine and I’ve now got places that everything goes in my bag and it makes it a bit less of an effort.

In terms of diet it’s been hard keeping tack of everything that I eat. Be it good or bad it goes in my food log. I’ve generally been sticking to about 1600 calories or less each day but there have been occasional going overs. I’m trying not to beat myself up about it and work on the 80/20 rule. Keep to it 80% (or more) of the time and not stress about the 20%.

I’ve only had one day were I completely blew the number of calories and that was as I went to a gin festival and drank all of the gin and then ate all of the bad food. What I remembered to track was 240% of my target calories. I’m pretty sure I drank my daily target alone. Still I got back on track and didn’t let it stop me. 


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So if you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen that I got a dehydrator for my birthday. So far I’ve dehydrated cherry tomatoes, blueberries and kale. Yes I have become one of those people who makes home made kale chips.

It’s still a bit experimental in terms of how long it takes to dehydrate things. The cherry tomatoes took 16 hours rather than the 12 it said in the manual.

I put kale in for 8 hours which seemed ok based on the online recipe of taking 6 hours.

Next I’m planning on trying courgette, beetroot and carrot crisps. The main challenge is to get them cut thin enough. Then I might try doing some raw fruit bars. There are so many recepies online that I want to try.

What’s your favourite recipe?

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Weight loss Focus 

I put this on Instagram a few days ago so I’m following it up with a post. Over the past 15 months that my hip has stopped me being as active as usual I’ve gained quite a bit of weight. Like 22lb or more, I was down at 113lb which is a bit lower than I should be.

I know 135lb doesn’t sound that much but given that I’m quite short it’s a BMI of 24.5 so 5lb away from being officially overweight. Plus my clothes are starting to not fit so well as a result. I have a lot of yoga leggings that were expensive so I can’t justify replacing them all in a bigger size.

My aim is to get back to 120lb or less by 1st September. I’m going on holiday in mid-September so I want to be back to what I consider a healthy weight and level of fitness by then.

Diet is going to be a big part of this and it’s a bit of a challenge currently as I’m getting my kitchen re-fitted currently so I’ve got a kettle, a microwave that’s also a grill and a fridge. It’s only for another two weeks or so but it’s still hard to make a start when you’ve got things in the way. I’m using FatSecret to track my calories and aiming for 1600 or less per day. If I plan and prepare meals then it’s not too difficult. My main challenge is not to snack or to drink my calories. I picked up a ice coffee on the way to work today and then looked at the side, 225 calories or 14% of my daily allowance in one drink. Yep preparation is going to be key in this.

On the other side of this I’ve joined a gym. This is mainly so that I can go swimming. It’s really dull but it isn’t causing me pain and seems to fit in with my morning routine to go twice a week and then once over the weekend too. I’m going to try some classes in a few weeks but I’m not sure how it’ll be in terms of pain levels.

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Diet and meal prep

Since I came back from holiday I’ve been focusing on my diet and meal prep has been a big part of that. It’s been a bit of a challenge as I’m between kitchens and don’t have that much stuff accessible currently. 

I’m eating a lot of salads, soup while I still have a hob, grilled foods and trying not to eat too much packaged food. I’m also trying to increase the number and variety of vegetables that I use. 

Another area that I’m working on increasing is fermented foods. There is a lot of evidence that they are good for gut bacteria and general wellbeing. I’m currently drinking miso soup at least three times a week and it’s a really good post work out option for replacing fluids and salts. 

I’ve got 10lb still to go and I know that I need to work on getting excersise back to the level that I want but diet is going to be a bigger part of my life as I can’t just run off my diet anymore. 

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Lemon Water Part 2

I wrote before I went to Thailand about lemon water and it’s something that I’ve been incorporating into my morning routine for about six weeks now. It seems to work for me and it’s quite refreshing and hydrating. It’s a good substitute for drinking cold water or squash especially as it’s been cold. I’ve also got a bottle of lemon juice in the fridge at work so I’ve started having a cup mid-morning at the office too.

I’m also trying to increase the amount of water and non-caffeinated drinks that I drink. It’s made a difference to levels of alertness but I think that’s more due to extra water/fluids in general as I’m now getting up and away from my computer more often as a result of drinking extra water and having to walk down to the bathrooms more often.

The main reason that I’m doing a follow up post about this is that I found this article from the Telegraph about lemon water from May 2015. It basically summaries what I thought before. Yes lemon water isn’t going to be bad for you but it’s not the mythical cure for weightloss, good skin and inner peace that some articles seem to make out it to be.

One thing that I did find that is quite interesting is that lemon is slightly anti-bacterial so the ayurveda reason for prescribing it may have been to help ensure that the drinking water was clean.

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