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Counting my steps and keeping on moving

This is day 10 of the Global Corporate Challenge. It’s been quite interesting to track my steps and see how many I do each day.

I didn’t have a ‘normal’ week to start with as I was at my instructor training (which I still need to get round to writing a full post about) and traveling. The challenge only tracks steps along with inputs for cycling and swimming. It doesn’t seem to track that well when doing things like yoga, aerial yoga or other non-walking activities.

Below is my current chart of steps, which you can see that it doesn’t vary that much.


What’s also surprising is that when I went for a run (second from the end) it didn’t really increase my step count that much. I’m aiming to increase the number of steps that I take more and by trying to run more often I hope this will help. Also I quite enjoyed going for a run along the promenade before doing some yoga. That it was a beautiful evening helped.

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Global Corporate Challenge

This week as well as starting instructor training for Antigravity Fitness, I also started the 2015 Global Corporate Challenge. 

It’s a bit of an odd corporate thing that involves you being in groups of 7 and competing to do more steps than other teams. My team is quite competitive and has two members who are training for 100 mile plus bike races. 

The whole scheme is about becoming more healthy and spending 100 days creating new habits. Currently the app crashes every time you try to enter your steps in it but I’m sure these are just teething problems. 

Also I’m not sure how it counts handstands 


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