Sleeping in Savasana

My yoga journey

Home Practice

As part of my restorative yoga teacher training I have to do 60 minutes of restorative every week. It doesn’t sound much but I’m finding it a challenge.

I’m doing two 20 minute sessions in the studio before I teach and it seems ridiculous to say I’m struggling to find 20 minutes in the other 5 days. I guess I hadn’t been making it a priority.

The last two weeks I have left my mat on the living room floor and I think it’s helped. When I come back from taking the dog out to pee and fed her instead of going back to bed and reading Facebook or the news at least two mornings a week I go straight to my mat.

I’ve also been doing slightly more dynamic practice if I’ve done my 60 minutes of restorative yoga. I’m remembering why I loved doing YouTube yoga with Yoga by Candace and it’s been good for me to get back to moving this.

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Finding balance

The weather here is all out of balance. One day it’s sunny and a pleasant spring day. The next we have snow. A lot of it.

I feel like the world is trying to right a balance and going too far one way or the other. I’m also doing similar in my personal practice.

After not really doing much for the past month outside of teaching and planning classes. I went the other direction and have done practice for 30minutes to an hour each day for the last week. I feel better for it but it’s not sustainable. I’d like it to be but currently I can’t commit that long each day to practice without other things going out of balance.

I need to work towards a middle that’s sustainable long term.

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Yoga practice while traveling

I enjoy traveling and visiting friends and family in different places. It used to be that I didn’t practice yoga as often when traveling as I do at home, however it’s now reversed.

My home practice is limited currently and i’m not going to regular classes which I miss. I’m working on improving this next year. When I’m away I prioritise practice, it gives me an opportunity to stretch out after being in a plane, train and sitting for long periods.

Also it gives me the time to thing and be away from whoever I’m staying with. Even if it’s just a 20 minute video it’s good to do.

While away currently I’ve been doing yoga with my nieces so doing Cosmic Kids yoga. It’s nice kid friendly videos that tell a story with yoga poses. My only criticism is that the poses don’t always flow, you go from sitting to standing to lying down to standing. Especially if I’m not really warmed up them my hip can object to so much up and down. I’m not sure I’d do them without my nieces but it’s good to be back in the habit of morning yoga.

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Yoga Wake Up

After admitting last week that I’d lost my practice for a while, I did something about it. I decided that if I was going to do it sustainably then I had to build it up. No point in deciding that I was going to suddenly start doing hour long home practice every day. It wouldn’t work.

So with a bit of luck when writing an app review I saw Yoga Wake up in the suggested apps. It was free so I downloaded it.

It works as an alarm but instead of beeping it plays music and then different teachers guide you through a short yoga practice. I’m currently doing ones that I can do directly in bed. It’s very gentle stretching and slowly moving the body.

Some of the wake ups are better than others and it’s a case of finding what suits you. I’m currently trying a new one each day and as it’s only a short 10 minutes and I’d usually spend that time on my phone catching up with what’s been posted on Facebook it seems a nice way to start the day. The only minor issue that I have with it is that if the app isn’t running in the foreground then it won’t play correctly. I’ve kept a 7am alarm set just in case it doesn’t run but hopefully this won’t be needed often.

Next week I’m aiming on trying one of the workouts that you’ve got to get out of bed for. I can fit my yoga mat in the space next to my bed so I think it can work.

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Losing my practice

So here goes. Confession time. I am a yoga teacher who other than demonstrating poses and taking photos for Instagram has done about 5 minutes of yoga in the last month. Yes that includes meditation practice.

As a result I’m stressed, run down and now ill. It’s also not helped by that I’m eating badly currently.

I know that I just need to get on the mat and start again but it’s hard. Having a dog also adds complications in terms of it being difficult to go straight from work to yoga or leave her for too long.

Videos I know will be the way forward but again starting is hard. My aim for tomorrow is 15 minutes of yoga. Not a long video but long enough to get started. 15 minutes 3 times a week should be achievable but at the moment it seems so far away.

Practice not perfection as always.

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Home practice 

I’ve gotten out of the habit of practicing at home and it’s been noticeable the past month or so. I’ve been doing some yoga at the studio before or after teaching but it’s not really the same. 

After a discussion with a friend about her home practice and recommending videos (hi S if you’re reading this) I decided I needed to get on it. As such last night I rolled my mat out and did a very simple practice. 

It was just a 15 minute video but it made me realise quite how tight my lower back was. I need to get into more regular habits and I’m aiming for 15 minutes of home practice 3 times a week. Really not a lot but a good start. 

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New Adventure and stepping forwards

I’ve got my new yoga mat from EcoYoga, and planned my Sweaty Betty outfit, blue leggings, grey sweater. I’ve read my course book, Complete Guide to Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark, read the handouts, got my cute note book from Portugal and backed my bag. I guess I’m all ready for the first block of Yin Yoga Teacher training starting in the morning.

I know that I’m going to be super busy over the weekend, as I’m also performing on Saturday night, and some work at my flat has overrun so things are a little chaotic and busy. However I’ll try to write at least something short next week about the experience and I’ll probably be posting quite a few photos on instagram.

Wish me luck!

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Home practice due to ego

I’m being a bit lazy and selfish this morning and not going to Bikram. The reason is one of ego. Yesterday lunchtime I got my hair cut and blow dryed to a really cute style. It’s still sitting really nicely this morning and I am meeting a friend for lunch. If I go to do Bikram it will be sweaty and need to be washed which means it wouldn’t look as nice. 

So instead I’m going back to how I started my home practice and getting on my mat with a video from Yoga By Candace. I’ve not done any of her work outs for a couple of months so it’s going to be nice. 

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Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it

This lent is all about mediation and focusing on how I can achieve some things that I want from life longer term.

I’m enjoying doing more meditation and even taking two minutes at lunchtime on Friday to sit at my desk and meditate quietly before starting back at work. It’s helped my stress levels and me to manage better in some difficult work stuff that’s going on currently. It helped me with deciding to go ahead with my yoga teacher training and to ask about starting a yoga practice space at work. It’s even helped with deciding which tiles I want in the bathroom. Yes I’ve been extra indecisive this month.

Earlier this week I undertook a group meditation as part of a more dance/physical theatre group. The theme is water and going with the flow. It wasn’t a long meditation or that structured but it was a nice theme and led nicely into some movement work that is going to take place next week. It’s always next to see other ways of meditation and this have the option of eyes open meditation. It’s something I’ve not really practiced much but I should do as then I could meditate on the bus to work.

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Yoga for the Cold

It’s not really that surprising that after a super busy two weeks of moving house, being stressed, not eating properly and the temperature in Edinburgh has dropped about 15 degrees, I’ve come down with a cold.

Last night I got back on my mat for the first time in what feels like an age and tried these poses.  I didn’t bandage my head before starting as suggested I couldn’t find anything suitable to do it with. I ended up full of snot and had to stop to blow my nose a few times but in the end I did feel better and less bunged up. Turns out yoga for the cold exercies work in helping you sleep better. My aim for this weekend is to get to a proper class and back into a routine.

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